Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Old Ladies That Go Bump In The Night!

It's a Friday night, urmmm, more like Saturday morning to be exact since the clock just struck 12.00am. Here I am sitting at my blog and not partying away. But then again, I wasn't the kind who loved to party anyway. Maybe in my teens yes, but not anymore.

I'm glad the start of the weekend is here cos I've had a terrible week, work wise that is. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the weekend doing absolutely nothing. And since I'm still awake trying to find some term life insurance online quote's, I thought I might as well blog hop a little. But looks like luck is not on my side cos no one has any new postings yet.

And since I'm still wide awake and it is the witching hour after all, I thought I'd relate a supernatural story for today. I've had some of my own previous encounters with the supernatural which I've posted quite some time back which you can all read over here, here and here. But this story I'm about to tell you was related to me by a good buddy.

My good buddy had this friend who used to rent a room somewhere in PJ. I can't remember where already. The room he rented was at the back of the house on the top floor and it was facing the back of another house. This guy works in advertising as well and happens to come back late at night from work.

Normally when he gets back, he'll just chill a bit listening to some music or read just to wind down before sleeping. He'll have his curtains open (you all know how stuffy the weather can get over here without air conditioning). One day when he got back late as usual he looked out his window and saw this old lady in the room at the opposite house. She was just sitting there on a chair looking out the window at him.

Thinking that she couldn't sleep since she was still awake at such a late hour, he waved at her and smiled. She just nodded her head. He didn't think anymore of it and went to sleep. The next day, the same scene of the old lady greeted him and he waved and smiled again as usual.

This soon became a norm with him. Every night he always saw her sitting there looking out the window at him. Never once did he suspect anything amiss. And every time he smiled and waved at her, all she did was give him an unsmiling small nod of her head.

Then after a month or so, he noticed that the old lady was no longer there at the window. He thought maybe she was already asleep or something. I mean, it was such a late hour anyway and maybe those nights he saw her, she just couldn't sleep. But then whole month went by and he never saw her again.

One day while he was at the back of the house drying his clothes after doing the laundry, he happened to see the opposite neighbour. He casually started a conversation and it led to him asking what happened to the lady who lived upstairs in the back room. The neighbour stopped what she was doing, stared at him and asked him what lady?

So he described the old lady to her and she said that was her mother. But her mother had passed away a year ago and the room has been vacant ever since! Then who the heck was he waving too all this while? Even the neighbour had a scared and shock look on her face after he related his waving and smiling at the old lady he used to see sitting there. Damn, I'm getting goosebumps just writing this and don't dare look out my window.

He was actually waving and smiling at a woman who had been dead for over a year! From that night onwards, he had his curtains drawn all day and eventually moved out of that place. I would have done the same thing. I mean, imagine waving and smiling to a lady in the dead of the night and then finding out she was already dead for a year. I would have died on the spot! Like I've said many times, I am the world's biggest coward when it comes to the supernatural.

I absolutely believe this to be a true story cos it comes from a reliable source. But one thing I know, I won't be as stupid as this fellow to wave to strange women sitting in a room at the back of the house, even if it was Jennifer Garner in a bikini!


  1. If it was JG he wouldn't just wave...he would have chatted with her...hehhe.

    Strange thing is why didn't the guy talk to the granny...hahha.

  2. Mei Teng - I would have shifted and gone live far, far, away the very next day ... LOL!

    Maybe it was just a tad to too for him to have chatted with her ...

  3. I would have MOVED and ran away SCREAMING! ASAP!

  4. Jennifer Garner in a bikini? I would die if I had seen that scene.

    But, this story is sinister. I would have a heart atack!!!

    Just kidding! I don't believe in ghosts at all!

  5. Wah, you do have a stash of horror stories and encounters.

  6. Meleah - So would I. In fact that would have been the first thing I would upon regaining conciousness ... LOL!

  7. Cidao -LOL! So would I buddy. I do believe in ghosts cos I've had quite a few experiences with them before ..

  8. BT - Oh I do, I really do, I got one or two more that I'll post soon ... hehehe ...


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