Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Shampoo Boy Wannabe

I may be able to do quite a bit of things. I can cook, not gourmet stuff but passable food. I can do some form of handy work, well as long as plumbing isn't involved. I can do house work like laundry, washing the bathrooms, sweeping the floor. In fact I think I can even parachute of a plane but there is one thing I know I'll never be able to achieve and that is to be a shampoo boy!

A couple of days ago wifey hurt one of her fingers real bad. It started off as a slight ingrown nail and being the itchy fingered girl that she is, she kinda tried to clip the ingrown nail and ended up getting a wound on her finger. Then pus appeared and again, being the itchy fingered girl that she is (LOL!) she pressed the pus out and the wound ended up getting infected with the finger swelling up.

Now, wifey is just as stubborn as I am when it comes to going to the doctor's. She didn't want to go and wanted to let it heal naturally. I could tell it was painful from her reaction but on top of being stubborn, her tolerance to pain is also very high. There really was no use arguing with her about going to the doctors so we put some medication on it and left it to heal the natural way.

In no uncertain terms should the wound come in contact with water. I decided to do the cooking for the next couple of days for the boys so she would avoid getting water splashed on it. But then came another problem. Wifey has to wash her hair everyday and with that wound on her finger still fresh, she was going to have a huge problem with that. No problem I said. I volunteered to wash her hair for her.

I mean, how hard can it be and it's not like she has really long hair or anything. She was skeptical but decided to take me up on the offer. So, there I was, getting my first experience of being a shampoo boy. Suffice to say it was a very short lived one. From the very start things started to go wrong for me. First off, I almost put conditioner on her head instead of shampoo, hey, they all look alike to me.

With a shout from her, I put the conditioner back and ended up picking my little boy's shampoo instead. Another shout and I finally found the right bottle. Now comes the easy part or so I thought. After applying the shampoo to her head, all I had to do was just scrub her hair and then rinse it off right? Well, not exactly, I got her hair all knotted up in my fingers, then had shampoo streaming down all over her eyes (yes, yes, she was hollering away by now ... LOL!) and into her ears as well.

After finally getting the shampoo out of her eyes and ears and also unknotting the hair from my fingers, I had to rinse the shampoo off which elicited another round of hollering from her. I had water running down her face almost drowning her and by the time I ended up applying the conditioner I was almost ready to have a nervous breakdown! LOL!

God, those shampoo girls make it look so darn easy. It really is not as easy at it looks. Well, for me anyway. It was like rocket science la. I know I'm never ever going to attempt to wash her hair again. Who knows, this time she might hit me on the head with the shampoo bottle ... hahaha ... I think I'll just stick to sleeping. Now that's something I know I'm good at :D


  1. "I could tell it was painful from her reaction but on top of being stubborn, her tolerance to pain is also very high."

    Dude!! I totally agree...her tolerance for pain has to be high to put up with you !LOL



  2. Anonymous - Buddy, I know where you live! LOL!

  3. That was a hilarious account! Hope your wife gets well from her swollen finger soon..otherwise, she has to endure your shampooing skills..haha.

  4. Hurting fingers are just soooo bad! Can't seem to do anything worthwhile without the full set.

    As for the shampooing experience, perhaps we guys wash our hair differently from the fairer sex, no? I mean for us guys, it's plop the shampoo on our hair, scrub a few times and then rinse.

    Do women do the same thing I wonder...

  5. OMG, my sentence went all messy on me, I had to delete it. It's a comment that doesn't make sense, my bad. I think it's the effect from laffing too much that I can't seem to project what I was suppose to comment about.

    Anyways, hope ya wife's finger heal soon.

  6. if she has to wash her hair everyday,
    that means more training for your shampoo-ing skill? :p
    but i am curious,
    how exactly does she goes about
    without you helping her after that round of hollering?

  7. Mei Teng - It was hilarious. She was afraid I would end up drowning her ... LOL!

    I'm laughing out loud in office now..
    I try to imagine the situation where you were shampooing ur wife hair, and it's hilarious lah!! hahahahaaaa

  9. Perry - Hahaha! Yeah, we guys sure have no system whatsoever when it comes to washing our hair. Like you said, just plonk on the shampoo and we're done ...

  10. Maslight - LOL! I'm glad you had a good laugh from this post. I almost had my head hit with a head & shoulders shampoo bottle!

    Her finger is healing just fine right now :D

  11. Levian - I think I'll stay away from shampooing for now ... LOL!

    She can wash her own hair now cos her finger is healing just fine :D

  12. Kadusmama - Trust me, it was funny and pretty dangerous. That shampoo bottle can be a dangerous weapon ... hahaha ...

  13. LOL! Thank you for such an entertaining story... but shampoo girls at the salon have all those towels plus a nice reclining chair, and you do have to tilt your head back a bit. (Who knows in case you might want a second attempt)

  14. Terra Shield - You're welcome :D I think I'll pass on that second attempt ... I value my life ... LOL!

  15. Oh, that sounds quite hilarious! Your panic striken face and her hollering! Well, at the hairdressers, you have those chairs that recline and your head is placed above the sink mah.

    Ingrown nails really hurt alot! My son has ingrown toe nails on both big toes all the time. He also has itchy fingers lah, that's why they never recover.

  16. Dude, try cutting her hair, then post a picture for us to see :p

    eeheehee evil laugh

  17. BT - Yeah, I did have the proper equipment ... hehehe ... At least I know what I'm not cut out to do now!

    Ingrown nails are a real pain. I suffered thru it a few times before too ...

  18. The Real Mother Hen - Urmm, I value my life you know ... LOL!

  19. The last time I remember someone shampooed my hair was at a hairdresser. I tell you, it wasn't easy for both me to be half-lying while my hair was dipped in the sink, hahaa! After that, I'd never go to the parlor without shampooing my hair first at home.

    With what you did, you couldn't be a shampoo boy. Pray that your wife's fingers will heal soon, or you will have a second job shampooing her hair.

  20. LMAO! You're just as bad as my partner when it comes to shampooing hair.

    I think it's a universal thing that men cannot shampoo wifey's hair, and the wife in return will always scream at her hubby. lol!

  21. At least you tried right? I'll give you points for being sweet! :P Not that sweet is always enough tho. Hahahaha

  22. Marlene - Maybe I should invest in one of those recliner type chairs they in those hairdressers ... LOL!

    That might at least get me off shampooing duties ...

  23. Perky - Good to know I'm not alone in this ... hahaha ...

    Yes, there really are some things a man can never do no matter how hard he tries ... hehehe ...

  24. Rozella - More like tried to drown her ... LOL! What? You mean there are much more things than being sweet? LOL!


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