Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm really looking forward to the 7th of May. I've been eagerly anticipating for it to arrive for ages now. There's only 5 days to go and it'll be upon us. No, it's not my birthday or anniversary or even anything special at all. It's just that that is the day Star Trek the movie will be released here.

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek. Have been ever since I was a little kid. To me, Star Trek represents the ultimate space movie, unlike those poofter like Star Wars movies ... LOL! Sorry all you Star Wars fans, I just couldn't help myself. To be fair, feel free to bash me all you want :D

I've practically seen all the Star Trek series in all its incarnations. From the very first original series to Star Trek: The Next Generation right up to the Enterprise series. Not forgetting all the movies that were made which I've seen so many times and can never get fed up of watching. In fact I even have tons and tons of Star Trek novels and also the uniform top that they used in the Star Trek: Generations movie :D

When I first heard that the movie was being directed by J.J Abrams I was ecstatic. I mean, he did direct Alias and that was an awesome show (and I'm not saying that cos I happen to have a thing for Jennifer Garner, ok ... LOL!). I really thought that was an awesome show though at times it got a tad bit confusing for me. So when news was revelead that J.J Abrams was at the helm of the new Star Trek show I just couldn't wait for it.

I scoured the web searching for snippets of the movie and when the first signs of the trailer appeared, I was hyperventilating.

'What? Hyperventilate over a movie?'

Well, if you're as passionate about the Star Trek universe as I am, you'd understand :D The initial trailer alone got me hooked. I was dying for more info and I kept abreast with the development of the movie. I must say that what I've read and seen so far is going to make the movie an awesome one. And I'll be first in line waiting to buy a ticket when it opens here next week.

But ... yes there is a but. I grew up with Star Trek. I can recite the entire background of all the characters in the Star Trek universe so I'm pretty skeptical with the casting for one of the characters. And unfortunately he happens to be the main character of the show, Captain James T. Kirk. They casted Chris Pine as the legendary Captain Kirk and somehow he doesn't fit the mould that was made popular by William Shatner all those years ago.

I know I should give him a chance and all that and wait to see how he performs in the movie but I can't help comparing him to William Shatner in the early days of Star Trek. Captain Kirk is made out to be a very tough kinda of character and William Shatner made that role fit him perfectly.

I don't know if I can say the same about Chris Pine though. To me, Pine looks like a pretty boy and not like a leader of men unlike how William Shatner was when he played Captain Kirk. He just doesn't have the look for a Captain James T. Kirk. But I'll reserve my comments till I see the movie. Who knows, he'd probably proof me wrong. The rest of the characters, I have absoutely no issues with. I especially like the cast they chose for Spock. Zachary Quinto is tailor made for that role. He even looks like Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock :D

I guess I can't and shouldn't judge an actor just cos he doesn't have the look that I want him to have. I know I've been proven wrong on this numerous times especially very recently. When I found out that Gill Grissom of CSI was leaving the show and that Laurence Fishburne would be replacing him. 'Say what?' was my reaction. I was skeptical. WillianPeterson made that role his own and became somewhat legendary in the CSI franchise. I mean what is CSI without Gil Grissom? And I just couldn't see Laurence Fishburne replacing him.

But I was pleasantly surprised that he actually fit in seamlessly into the series. I liked the way they portrayed him as a rookie learning the ropes and not someone who had the same skill sets as Gil Grissom. It was funny watching him on his first day at CSI this week. That's a classic example for me not to judge an actor until I actually watch the show for myself :D

But with all that said and done, I just can't wait for the movie though I know I'll be going to the cinema alone cos wifey and the boys are not Star Trek fans ... siggghhh ... They're waiting for Transformers 2 to come out and so am I. Now that's another breathtakingly awesome movie :D


  1. Nick, no reward for FC here?

  2. You're a fan of Star Trek? I am too! But I seldom watch the old Star Trek series. I got hooked on the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. I think it is such a clever show with a lot of brilliant and thought provoking storylines, unlike shows like Battlestar Galactica. But I do like Star Wars too, sorry to say that! haha!

    In think people who don't like Star Trek are those who don't really sit down and watch one full episode, cos if they do, I'm quite sure they'll be hooked!

  3. Foongpc - Congrats on being FC :D

  4. Foongpc - No prize la. I'm a cheapskate ... LOL!

  5. Foongpc - Cool, a fellow Star Trek fan :D I've seen all the incarnations of it and I like them all :D I'm a die hard fan of the franchise :D

    Star Wars? No comment buddy ... LOL!

  6. You can't beat a Star Trek film! I think I'll have to see it myself.

    Happy weekend.

  7. The World According To Me - I have to agree :D Go catch it when it's screened over there ...

    A happy weekend to your too :D

  8. I'm not a Star Trek fan but I'll be going to watch wz! he also can't wait for the movie >.<

  9. I'm not a Star Trek fan (or a fan of any of those galaxy, outer space type movies/shows) but, evenso, I can still see the lure that they can (and do) have on some people. However, I will say that, from the previews I've seen for Star Trek, it does look like it might be rather interesting so I might just go and see it yet. Who knows, I might also find myself getting hooked on it, too. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know. Oh, you'll have to give me some to get back to you, though, as I'll probably have to "report" to you from some far away, never before discovered, crater covered planet, lol.

    Anyway, although not a fan of S.T, I did, as always, enjoy what you had to say. One thing I will say for sure, you sure do know how to write. Good stuff! ;-)

  10. Monica - I'm sure you'll enjoy the show :D

  11. Misstfied - Go catch it, you never know, you just might like it :D I know I will ... hehehe ...

  12. im not a fan of star trek but im sure will be watching this at the cinema when it comes out.
    hubby is a huge fan.

  13. Carol - Hi-5 to your hubby :D I'm sure you'll enjoy it too :D Just keep an open mind ... hehehe ...

  14. Nick, this'll be a movie of the year!!! J. J. Abrams rocks!!! Man, I cried when I watched it last friday. New Star trek for the new generations!!!

  15. Cidao - I'm sure it will be :D It's a great movie :D Live long and prosper :D


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