Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas ...

Gee, Christmas is not just creeping up on us but it's moving so fast that it's only about 2 weeks or so away. Before you know it, it'll be here and gone and I haven't even done a single thing yet for Christmas! Good God, this is the first time I'm really late in starting on my Christmas stuff. Come on, Nick move your lazy butt already or it'll soon be the Chinese new year by the time you get all that Golden lighting for the Christmas tree out.

Life hasn't been going smoothly for me recently, especially work wise. Things have not been going well at work and there are a lot of issues that have been plaguing me that is getting really impossible to sort out. And to be honest, it really worries and frightens me.

I'm the kind of guy who doesn't really let things bug me too much but somehow I can't seem to put what's happening in my career aside. No matter how much I push it to the deepest recesses of my mind, it kinda slowly move its way to the front of my mind. It's become so bad that it even seeps into my dreams.

I'm hoping to get things sorted out before the new year and hopefully get my life back on track, work wise. I've done and said all I can to the powers that be but if they don't think my words mean much, there is really nothing I can do. After all I'm only a hired hand.

It's come to a point where I'm totally demoralized at work. I don't have the enthusiasm I used to have every morning when I get up for work anymore. I don't feel the drive to give 130% anymore cos it's simply not appreciated. I know I'm good at what I do and for that to be taken advantage off while others just laze around is becoming too much for me to bear.

Let me get off this drab topic. I'll find a way to get through all this though right now it's a little bit too difficult to push aside. Sometimes it's just tough being an adult with so many responsibilities. I wish I could revert back to being a little kid, no worries, no problems, not a care in the world. Just play all day long and have fun. It's good being a kid :D

Anyways, I needed to let that out. After all, what's the point of having a blog if I can't bitch in it ... LOL! Hope I didn't put a damper on anyone's mood. Have a nice day folks :D


  1. Aw, sorry to hear you're having a not so nice time at work. I suppose we all have those days. I'm not having an excellent time either... the workload has increased and I'm incredibly disorganised!!

  2. Ah... in ever office.. there will be some who will just lay back and enjoy the scene. Those kinda folks will never go far in life.

    Hope the holidays will make it all better :) start by putting up the tree :) we r putting ours up on Saturday... a bit late.. but what the heck.. we need some christmas magic around :)

  3. Hope the new year will bring you many good wishes and luck.

  4. Glad you feel better having vented. Here's hoping your work issues get resolved SOON!

    "Before you know it, it'll be here and gone and I haven't even done a single thing yet for Christmas! "

    Ahahhha. me either. I havent done ONE thing!

  5. Buddy!! I know what you're going through at work! Hope things work out in your favor soon and your Christmas spirit comes to you real soon....err...if not I got some spirits at home that are guaranteed to warm your heart and your soul and bring some CHristmas magic to you ho ho ho

  6. To tell you the truth I know a few people who are not doing anything this Christmas...for various reasons. In fact I know of more people who are not celebrating than who are so you are not alone ho ho ho

  7. Terra - Not so nice is putting it mildly :D Yeah, I suppose this crap happens every now and then. Hope it goes away fast!

  8. Anny - Yeah, every office has one or even two morons like these!

    Wah, Christmas tree going up this weekend :D And it's never too late for putting up a Christmas tree ...

  9. Anny - I really hope so :D May it bring us all good luck, better health and more money ... hehehe!

  10. Meleah - Not 100% better but a bit more at ease after ranting :D

    Well, there's still time so get out there and start already ... hehehe ...

    Look who's talking :D

  11. Adrian - Urrmmm, does that spirit you have happened to go by the name of Stolichnaya? LOL!

  12. Adrian - Glad to know I'm not alone :D

    But I know where to go to if I need to feel the Christmas spirit :D

  13. I have been through the day when I dread waking up and going to work. Not to mention giving 130%, I wonder how am I going to give 99% of my effort into work! hahaha!

    I also havent started my xmas shopping. Maybe becos of money, saving for my next year vacation.

  14. Rose - Wah, you planning for a vacation next year? Cool :D Yeah, I need to save up for a nice long vacation too ...


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