Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Bali To Manhattan ...

In my last post I bitched about bad customer service and lousy food. Well today I'm going to talk about good customer service and great food instead. And before I even begin my story in more detail, if you happen to be bored this weekend and looking to play slots - click here cos they give one of the best slot bonus around. There, don't say I didn't tell you :D Now back to my story.

This evening wifey, the boys and me decided to head out for dinner. It's something we haven't really done in a while cos we're more health conscious these days and cook our own food. But today with the weather being worse than the Sahara, we didn't feel like slaving away over a hot stove and decided that we're going out to some air conditioned place for dinner.

We drove to Subang Parade, a shopping mall near our place and decided to try out Manhattan Fish Market. It's the only food outlet in Subang Parade that we haven't tried cos the boys don't really like fish. This time I was adamant in wanting to try it cos I was fed up of all the rest of the food outlets there.

There was fish and chips on the menu and that appeased the boys so at least they didn't put up such a fuss. After the Jom Bali incident I was skeptical with the service and even more skeptical with the food quality though I've heard people say it's good and all that.

The moment we sat down, we were served instantly by this cheery waiter. He patiently waited while I figured out what to order and even explained about the different kinds of fishes they had. After taking our orders, he went away and in a couple of minutes, our orders started arriving.

Now, this was certainly the opposite of what I experienced at the Jom Bali cafe. And the food was pretty tasty and quite filling. No, it was more than filling! Both wifey and me were stuffed to the max that we felt like turkeys on Thanksgiving! We shared a mix platter that was for 2 persons and when it arrived I thought it was not going to be enough.

It consisted of fish, prawns (which I'm allergic to so wifey had it all for herself), calamari, oysters (which I love and wifey cannot stomach) and garlic rice with french fries. It didn't look like it would fill us up but halfway through it we were both panting heavily like some perverts cos we were so stuffed! The thing is, the dish was yummy and we just couldn't stop eating and hence stuffed ourselves silly.

But at least we were all satisfied with the meal (the boys included) and it didn't cost much either. I thought it was pretty reasonable for a family of four and I am most definitely going back there again :D See the difference good food and great service makes. That Jom Bali place should take lessons from this people!

Oh and wifey and me were so stuffed that we could hardly walk after that ... LOL! Burrrpppppppp!


  1. Still have time to put up a post on CNY eve. :D

  2. The one in Midvalley also has pretty good staff. But then, I seldom go there anymore nowadays.

    Glad you had one good dining experience. :)

  3. I'm surprised... the last time I went there (a different branch, of course), the fish was not fresh at all... and pretty tasteless.

    Need to check out the Subang Parade branch someday, then...

  4. Lina - Hahaha ... nothing better to do la, besides I really had a good food outing which deserved a post :D

  5. Lina - I've been wanting to try this for ages but the boys and fish don't really go well together. But being the one who pays for it has its advantages especially when you 'insist' on eating there ... LOL!

  6. Terra - I really can't say cos this is my first time and I'm glad it turned out okay :D The stuff we had were all fresh and really tasty :D

  7. Hi Nick, Manhattan Fish Market used to serve bigger portions when they newly open. The last few times I went, the portions seemed to have shrunk but the food are still reasonably good.

    Their service are above average to me though not comparable yet to places like Chilli's of TGIF ... they kinda like working on the same welcoming concept.

    Jom Bali definitely cannot live up to this expectation especially since they engaged foreign workers ... that's what I've noticed.

  8. Wenny - It was my first time at Manhattan's so I cannot really compare it to when they first opened but the portions were pretty decent so much so that wifey and me were stuffed silly :D

    You're right about the foreign workers cos they didn't have a single local staff and not to be disrespecting to foreigners but they were not customer service oriented at all!


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