Friday, February 12, 2010

Jom Bali, I Don't Think So!

If there is one thing I hate, it's bad customer service!

A few days back, wifey and me went to Carrefour. We decided to have breakfast at this place called Jom Bali, a place we've tried before. It was a pretty decent place the first time we tried it and it has this nice ambiance too, so we thought why not give it a shot again.

Besides we were both hungry and that was the best looking place in Carrefour. It was around 10.30am and the place was pretty empty with only two or three customers including us. That made it an ideal place cos our food would arrive quickly or so we thought.

We sit and the waitress, the only one mind there mind you, came promptly and took our orders. Wifey had mee Siam (a kind of fried noodles) and honey lemon tea. I had this dish called toast with chicken curry and iced cappuccino.

With the place being almost empty, we expected our food to come quickly. Then two new customers walk in and place their order. It's a while now and our simple food order hasn't arrived yet. In fact our drinks hasn't arrived yet. Let me stress that the place is not packed.

Then wifey's drink arrives and the waitress is also carrying a plate of mee Siam which surprisingly goes to the customer that ordered after us. Before I could call the waitress over, she disappears into the back of the restaurant leaving me shaking my head in utter disbelieve.

Ok, never mind I say, maybe she's gone to take our orders out. A minute later she walks out with another plate of something and heads to the other customers table, who also came after us and served them their order.

I was pissed and so was wifey. Even my cappuccino hasn't arrived and I can clearly see it on the cashier counter waiting to be served. We decided to give them 5 more minutes and if nothing arrives, we're walking out of the shop. Lucky for them, wifey's order arrives. Mine is still no where in sight.

I call the waitress over and ask her about our orders. She just looks at me blankly and says,


Yes? Is that all you can say? I felt like slapping her silly! What do you mean yes? Where the heck is my order. I keep my temper in check and politely ask her about my order of curry chicken with toast. She looked at me blankly and then headed back into the kitchen and came out a few minutes later with my order.

Let me tell you that it was the worst curry chicken I had seen or eaten in my life. It was SO watery that it was almost like soup instead of curry. Damn, I am NEVER going there again and I am most definitely NOT recommending this cafe to anyone.

If you happen to go to Carrefour Subang Jaya, the one next to Subang Parade and if you're hungry, please don't bother wasting your time and money eating here. They have horrible service and even more horrible food! The name of the cafe is JOM BALI, remember that name cos you'd get better service and more value for money eating at some roadside stall than over here.

Once again, it's called JOM BALI in case you missed the name earlier :D Yes, Yes, I can be absolutely mean. One thing I cannot stand is BAD SERVICE, I may be able to take the lousy food they dish out but not BAD SERVICE! So stay away from this place!

And after we finished and called for the bill, they even returned us less change. Good thing wifey noticed and I made a big fuss about it. The next time I'm hungry I'll eat somewhere where I know the service is good and the food is excellent which is my house with food prepared by wifey :D


  1. Try Ole Ole Bali. The food isn't too bad. But not over-the-top great for me though.

  2. Wahhh never tried before Nick! But if lousy service, sure I don wan to goo oso... thanks for the heads up! ;)

  3. Mei Teng - Ole Ole Bali? Where is this place? I always like trying out new places :D

  4. Marzie - Don't ever try this place. The serivce really sucks big time! You're welcome for the heads up :D

  5. There's nothing more that I hate when eating out other than bad service. :(

  6. Hi Nick,

    Too bad you had that experience. Too bad they gave poor service to a blogger. Definitely other people will know their weaknesses and will not go there in future.

  7. bad customer service will never fail to ruin your appetite kan? i mean, even if the food taste not so great but if the waiter can make you feel like home, there might be a second chance for you to go back there.

  8. Lina - Yes, bad service really can ruin a completely a good outing!

  9. Willie - First of all, welcome to my blog :D

    Yes, people should be made aware of places that dish out lousy service!

  10. Carol - Exactly. If the food is lousy but the service is decent, I will still give it a second or even third try. But once the service is horrible I bitch about it in my blog ... LOL!

  11. Hi Nick, I've been there like twice and their service had never been near good at all. Food is only so so but I think the Nasi Lemak is worth a mention.

    Anyway, like you I've written off this place. Don't need the turn-off to start a good day.

  12. Wenny - I haven't tried their Nasi Lemak and judging by the experience I had, I don't think I will. I've totally written off the place!

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