Saturday, February 27, 2010

Showers And Bathtubs!

I walked into the art shop and I had no idea why I even walked in. I didn't need any art materials. In fact, it was a strange feeling. I wasn't even thinking about art. And what makes it even more stranger is I don't even remember that this shop even existed.

I've been living here for quite a while and never even seen it never mind the fact that I just walked inside without knowing what I wanted. I look around trying to figure out just what drew me into this particular art shop. It would have looked just like any art shop out there except for the bathtub by the side of the cashier and the numerous shower stalls next to the aisles of brushes, watercolor sets, drawing block and easels.

I stood there totally amazed that there was even a bathtub, a fully functional one at that in this art shop. After a few more minutes of looking around, things become even more weirder. There were people actually bathing in corners around the shop, fully clothed. I was aghast. What the heck kind of place was this?

But I was still too stunned to even move. Then these people who were taking showers suddenly stop, walk out of these shower stalls and starts heading to the cashier with art materials in their hands but not before taking a quick dip in the bathtub and then paying for their items and walking out the door dripping wet!

Good god, what is really going on? Am I on some kind of drugs or something? Maybe I should check myself into the Indiana Drug Rehab cos I seriously cannot believe my eyes. I mean how else can I explain this. It's way out of this world. I can't believe something like this exists here. Maybe I'm addicted to something. Maybe that Beef Ball Noodle I took had some kind of hallucinogenic drug in it. Yes that must be it. There is no other explanation.

I should immediately after this head straight to the Indiana Drug Rehabilitation centre and enroll myself in there. After all their rehab service is specifically catered to assist people on finding the best treatment for their individual situation and my situation definitely merits checking them out. With their no cost treatment program information I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of my situation soon. The program also include treatment for recovery of drug and alcohol addictions.

Wait, maybe that's it. Maybe it was that Shandy I drank earlier, it did have a teeny weeny bit of alcohol content in there and I think I'm addicted to shandy. Looks like I really must enroll myself into the Drug Rehab in Indiana and sort this out fast. I mean seriously, people were still coming in and taking showers and dipping themselves into the bathtub before paying and heading out.

I look around for wifey and she's no where to be found. I'm pretty sure I came in with her but after seeing what was happening in front of me, I can't really be sure of anything anymore. Well, suffice to say, I'm freaked out by now. I run around the shop calling out for wifey and then stop in my tracks when I see her at the sketch book section about to turn on the shower.

'HONEY!' I scream, 'What the heck are you doing?' 

She turns, looks at me with a smile and proceeds to turn on the shower. The water starts gushing from the shower and that is exactly when I wake up from my sleep and run to the toilet to pee! LOL! Yes, it was all just a dream but a strange one at that. I mean, what the heck is the significance of having a dream about an art shop with showers and a bathtub in it?

Could it be trying to tell me something? Could it be trying to tell me that I'm going to be immensely successful in my business endeavor? Could the art shop represent my business, since I just did open up my own design agency and the showers and bathtub represent loads of money for me? After all, the Chinese believe water represents money and there were lots of free flowing showers around which could mean I would be bathing in cash!

Or could it all just signify the fact that I wanted to pee and all that water in my dream was subconsciously trying to wake me up and go to the toilet before I wet the bed? LOL! I think I like my first theory better! What do you think? Do dreams really have significance or are they just random images that plague your mind when you sleep?


  1. To me there are 2 kinds of dreams. One that's just whacky because our body are just dead tired but our mind still couldn't slow down just yet.

    Then there are those dreams that are actually messages from our sub-conscious mind. It's sometimes called intuition. This can only be deduced by yourself coz only you'll know what's really going on in your head and heart (thoughts and emotions).

    I've had personal experiences with the second type and believe you me, it's definitely worth analysing but don't get carried away.

  2. Wenny - I've had my fair share of whacky dreams ... LOL!

    I hope I've interpreted my dream accurately cos that would mean I'm going to be filthy rich .. LOL!

  3. LOL! If this was played out on TV, I would be laughing my head off!

    But yes, dreams can be pretty strange at times :)

  4. Sriyany - Hahaha ... so would I la. It was so bloody weird.

    But this isn't the weirdest dream I had, I've had worse.


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