Friday, February 26, 2010

Slaves To Technology!

It finally rained today and I for one was absolutely ecstatic. It was really a cool respite after weeks of blistering and scorching heat. I think the amount of sweat I lost in the past week alone would have been enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

The rain was furious enough this evening to more than cool the place down. And for once I welcomed the lightning and thunder that accompanied the downpour. At least sleeping tonight would be a pleasant experience :D

One thing that the rain made me realize today is how much we depend on technology. As I said, the rain or rather storm was accompanied by some serious display of lightning and thunder. When that happens, I'd insist on switching off a few electrical items in the house. The computers would be the first to be shut down and the mains pulled out. I don't want my routers and modems blowing up from any electrical surges.

The second item would be the TV. I don't want that blowing up too and besides, there wouldn't be any service from Astro either until the rain subsided. So there we were with the most important and heavily used electrical items switched off, sitting in the hall totally bored with absolutely no idea what to do.

The boys were restless without the TV and were in the dining room trying to entertain themselves by singing, well more like screeching (LOL!) and wifey was on the couch staring at the TV that was switched off and I was running up and down the stairs chasing and trying to calm Pebbles down. She's absolutely terrified of lightning and thunder.

It was then that it occurred to both wifey and me how much we depend on the TV (the boys anyway) and the internet that when it's not available we have no idea what to do! On a normal day, the boys would be watching some cartoon or movie and wifey and me would be surfing away. Good God, are we really slaves to technology that we depend on it so much that when its unavailable we're like little lost lambs? 

I don't remember not having nothing to do in my younger days when TV was unavailable due to some reason or other and computers were just figments of my imagination. I always found something to do to keep myself entertained. There was never a time when I would sit there and not know what to do. Technology has made us (well, me anyway) all creatures with no creativity!

Suffice to say, the moment the rain died down and the lightning and thunder stopped, the TV was instantly switched on and the internet was fired up and things were back to normal again and everyone was happy again and the Phillips family was normal again ... LOL!

P.S. - And I'm not too happy that Tyler Grady was voted off, I had high hopes for him. I thought he had tons of character! Damn you Americans for not voting him enough ... LOL!


  1. I'm OK with no TV but if I can't be online, I get really restless.
    Lucky for me, my son still finds things to do and play without technology. Just a piece of paper asnd pencil ccan give him as much fun. :)

  2. Well, I was online during the storm... but if it gets really bad, there's always books. Or boardgames ;)

  3. I don't think we are slaves to the technology but rather salves to our habits. It's just so hard to not do something you have always done.

    If you keep the boys away from the TV for a week or so, maybe they will start to find something else to do other than watching TV. Hehe

  4. Lina - I guess these days we'll go a little restless if we can't get online.

    My younger boy normally finds something to do but that was during his cartoon time and he was totally restless waiting for the service to come back.

  5. Terra - Oooo, you're a brave one. have this fear of getting my router or modem fried.

    Books would be a good idea but I ran out of them and the boys ain't too keen on boardgames.

  6. TS Lim - Yes, that's a better way to describe it :D

    Keep them away from TV for a week? What are you trying to do? Cause a riot of little kids? LOL! They'd kill me if keep them away from TV for even a day!

  7. I was just like you Nick. When there's no access to internet, I'll be bored stiff. I didn't know what to do except day-dreaming. Then I tried reading books and it complimented the situation very well. You and Wifey should try this.

  8. Wenny - Actually we do love reading but we both ran out of books to read and she doesn't really like re-reading her books. Maybe it's time we go get some stock of new books for situations like these. Know any good cheap book sales lately :D

  9. I've also run out books to read. I'm waiting for the MPH Warehouse Sales. You can get plenty of good books then but you've got to brave the sweat!

  10. Wenny - Yeah, I've been there before and hot is an understatement!


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