Friday, February 19, 2010

Supernatural - Series 2

Continuing from my earlier supernatural post, well sort of supernatural anyway, here is the second series of my encounter with the almost supernatural :D

Once a long time back, close to 15 years ago when I was still studying in one of the local Graphic Design colleges here, Sean, Adrian and me decided to have a party in this rented house that Sean was staying in at that time.

The people Sean was renting the house with were away for the holidays or something at that time, I can't really remember cos my memory is not quite as sharp as it was before. So, we call a few guys, go out and buy some bottles of hard liquor and get the music set up and we're all done.

We weren't too worried about food cos it was after all a dance and boozing party. Adrian, you probably wouldn't remember this supernatural story cos you were ... urmmm ... well, you know la, this was the 'however do you want me, however do you need me' party. I'm sure you remember it pretty well ... LOL!

Anyways, the party was a smashing success judging by the amount of totally stoned people crawling around :D After most of the guest left, a couple of us were still around cleaning the place up. After the late clean up, we were all feeling kinda hungry and no best appetite suppressant was going to help us so decided to hit the streets looking for a late night mamak (road side stall) that was still open.

It was really pretty late and we couldn't find any so we decided to hit 7-11 and get some snacks and head to this place called Bukit Gasing, a hill that was mostly patronized by amorous couples. It was the place to bring your girl friend back then cos it was high up with a great view of the city and most importantly it was secluded ... LOL!

So, we drive up there with our snacks and drinks and head to our favourite location overlooking the city. To get there, we have to park the car and walk through this slightly dense jungle area which in the daytime isn't such a big deal but in the middle of the night can be pretty spooky. It opens up to this empty area and is really a nice place to hang out and watch the city lights among other things ... LOL!

Ok, now there were about 5 of us in this group including me and Sean. Our other buddy Adrian was home sleeping off the ... urmmm ... spirits of the party so to say. It was around 1.00am or so, I can't really remember and we were all chit chatting and laughing away when suddenly one of the guys says he saw something in the bushes, something in white kinda moving around.

We all just laugh at him thinking he's still slightly intoxicated from the earlier boozing. But then suddenly another two of the guys including Sean sees this white figure moving stealthily through the bushes. He screams, we all turn around and scream along with him and before you know, all five of us are bolting it out of there so fast it would make Usain Bolt seethe with envy.

We run like our lives depended upon it straight to the car which is parked slightly further uphill from the white figure area. The moment we reach the car, we all and I mean all of us jump in the front section of the car and high tail it out of there. You can imagine the scene. There were five people cowering away in fear in the front of the car while the driver struggles to get us away from there.

We need to drive pass that area where we saw the figure to get out of this hill and as we were speeding along, the white figure emerges from the bushes and what we saw made us all burst out in laughter with the driver almost ditching the car from laughing too!

There coming out of the bushes, more scared than us was this jinjang (don't know how to translate that in English) Joe Chinese guy, really pale, decked out in an all white (probably just from a night out at some club or disco or something) attire hurriedly running out of the bushes with his equally jinjang jane girlfriend. He was probably more worried we were out to mug him or something. Don't even ask me what he was probably doing in the bushes with a girl in the wee hours of the morning ... hahaha ...

We stop the car by the roadside and all of us get out laughing and rolling around on the floor in side splitting laughter. Trust me, to us he did look like a ghostly white figure skulking around in the bushes. I guess he was probably trying to quietly leave the area without being seen by us. But as luck would have it, we were more cowardly than him ... LOL!

The moral of the story here is not all things in white are ghostly in nature :D Look out for series 3, yes, there's more of this making a fool of myself 'ghostly' incidents :D


  1. Another scary then funny story from you. LOL

    Another moral of the story - want to go to secluded area, don't go wearing white unless you are trying to scare people. :D

  2. Sounds like fun times, though... :)

  3. Lina - Actually the real moral of the story is if you wanna make out with your girlfriend in some bushes, at least use dark colors la ... LOL!

  4. Terra - Ahhh, those were the days, staying up till midnight boozing and all that. These days I'd be lucky if I could stay up till 9.00 pm ... LOL!

  5. haha! The white figure sure scared the hell out of all of you! Does this area still exists? I wanna go there! LOL!

  6. So far your Supernatural series have no "real" ghosts. When can we hear some "real" ghost stories? Haha!

  7. Foong - Yes, I think it still does exist, though it's not as secluded as it used to be. Do you know how to get there?

  8. Foong - It's more like cowardice stories la ... LOL!


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