Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who's The Boss?

I've finally done it. I've finally steeled up my courage and taken the plunge. I've been wanting to do this for so long now, in fact for years now and today I've finally officially done it. No, it has nothing to do with colon cleanse reviews though.

I have finally decided to be my own boss. Yes, I'm no longer working for anyone. I am now my own boss and I have to say I'm pretty relieved with this decision. This morning I registered my own design agency, nothing comparable with those big boys but it's something I've always wanted to do.

I've actually stopped working since the middle of January. The company wasn't doing very well and it was a mutual decision by my ex-boss and me that I quit the company. It was better that way since he probably couldn't afford my wages pretty soon.

To be honest, at first I was a little shocked by the entire episode. I mean I do have a family to take care of and loads of commitments as well and being out of a job especially at a time when the economy is pretty unstable is really not a good thing.

My ex-boss did offer me a partnership in his business but I was pretty reluctant to accept it. The terms didn't look good and it would be pretty silly of me to take up partnership with a company that wasn't doing pretty well. I'm not even going to talk about why the company is in the shape it's in cos I did try my best to make things better but my words were not heeded.

So, with my last day of work being 15th January, I was in this state of dismay and depression. It isn't easy to look around for a job at my age but I had no choice. So resumes after resumes were sent out. Not many replies were forthcoming. Wifey was equally worried about things but we knew we'd get by somehow.

As luck would (or fate) would have it, I had a couple of calls to do some freelance design work. I accepted as any bit of money would go a long way. I guess I could freelance while waiting for some response from those countless resumes I sent out.

A few responses did come back and on one of those interviews, a fairly successful one where I was told that I may be offered much less than what I put on the application and that I had to work loads of overtime, do loads of traveling and stuff which at that time I was happy just to be considered for the application.

But on the way home while I was caught in this horrible daily traffic jam, I was thinking to myself. Is it worth it to accept the offer? I would have to face this jam everyday (which lasted for 2 hours, one way) and then work late and have to travel and get paid something much less than I requested?

I wouldn't have time for myself, my family, in fact I think I wouldn't have a life. I would have to work hard and at the end of the day no matter what and how much success I bring this company, I would get the same miserable amount of wages every month and not be happy at all. Is it really worth it?

I was already doing freelance work for 2 clients which already made me enough money to not have to work for 3 months minimum with only having to work a few hours a day from the comfort of my own home. I don't have to travel to work every morning. I can work from home at my own pace. I can have more time for myself, my family and most of all, I can actually be happy with what I'm doing.

The moment I reached home from that interview, I told wifey that I wasn't going to accept that job offer and that I wanted to start my own business. It's something I've always wanted to do. I know I have the skills and experience for it since I've been doing it all these years working for people, why not on my own? Besides I do have my own network of suppliers and contacts. I know it's a risky thing to do but I told her it feels right.

Well, wifey being the ever understanding and the most supportive person in my life agreed that it's time I be my own boss. I shouldn't be slaving away so hard for some other person and not be happy at all with what I'm doing. So today, I'm proud to say that I've got my own company set up and am now officially working on my own.

The signs of success are all there cos after I got my company officially registered today, I got a call from one of my future clients about an Annual Report pitch I took part in before the Chinese New Year that I'm on the verge of being awarded. There's some finer details to work out but things look extremely promising :D And it's also a big ego booster to know that I went up alone against two other full fledged advertising agencies and came out successful against them.

To be honest, I was feeling down in the dumps the past couple of weeks but not anymore. I'm happy that I made this decision. I'm happy that I have a wife who has faith and confidence in me to support me and be my pillar of strength in this endeavor of mine. I know I'll succeed, no doubts about it!

I have 3 clients now (and one of them is a corporate client) whom are already generating a substantial amount of billings for me. All I need to do is work hard and give them my best which I know I will and I will have nothing to worry about :D

Wifey has also agreed to help me out by being my secretary and taking care of my accounts and paperwork for me when I'm out client servicing and stuff. And it's a good feeling to be able to 'fool' around with my secretary after office hours ... LOL!

So, if you all have any advertising or printing needs or know of anyone who does, you all know who to call, right? Right? RIGHT? Shameless advertising, I know but hey, a man needs to make a living you now :D


  1. Well done Nick! I hope to follow your path soon. :-)

  2. All the best to you Nick!
    Hope your business ROAR with success! :D

  3. Ohhhh, no wonder lah you always marah2 lately. LOL!

    Congratulations Nick!
    That's a big leap and I am proud to know someone who has that courage to do so.
    Best of everything in your new adventure.
    And to the wifey as well for being very supportive!

  4. Gallivanter - Thank you buddy :D Hoping to see you be your own CEO soon :D

  5. Lina - Thank you :D I'm hoping it will be a ROARING success too though I know I'm going to have to put all my effort into this business.

  6. Carol - Hahaha ... no la Carol, I always marah2 because I'm a grumpy old man!

    Thank you for the wishes. It is a big and frightening leap and I hope I'm able to actually do it :D

    I'm glad to have wifey who is always supportive of everything I do, well except when it comes to messing up her kitchen la ... LOL!

  7. Oh! Congrats on starting your own business! I wish you THE VERY BEST on your new endeavors!

  8. Hey, Congratulations Nick! Looks like we're in the same boat. I too quit (I prefer to consider it EARLY RETIREMENT) from the workforce at the end of January. I'm now freelancing for a friend in a printing business. So, if you need a reliable printer with good customer service, CALL ME (that's alittle advertising for me). :)

    Can you hear the TIGER roaring for us? All the best to US both!

  9. Congratulations, Nick.

    May I suggest that you now open a facebook account and advertise (by creating a group/fan page) of your business there? I'm sure that will bring in some business...

  10. you know...when talks about decision i love to refer to the poem of " road not taken" by Robert Frost...especially the ending part

    "I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference"..

    sometimes, in life we need to have the courage to take the path that less travelled by everyone even the leaves of the path that we are stepping are trodden black and full of curiosity but still i believe that every decision has its own beauty in it that not everyone sees it.
    everyone wish they know their future and so do i..but i guess what we need is patience...well, as the saying goes that No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come.and perhaps this is your day!heheh! congratulation!

  11. Meleah - Thank you :D I could sure use all the luck.

  12. Wenny - Thanks. It's a big challenge for me, I know but I'm up for it :D It's more satisfying this way.

    You're into printing, cool. Will remember to check out your prices when I get some print jobs in.

    Yup, all the best to all of us this year :D

  13. Terra - Thank you :D Hmmm, that is not a bad idea and I just might finally open a Facebook account :D

  14. Sweet-Girlicious - Thank you :D Those are very nice words :D And it describes my situation exactly.

    Yes, in life we have to take chances once in a while and hopefully the chances we take will lead to success which is what I'm hoping for :D

  15. congrats nick!!! and welcome to the club!! yippee!

  16. Emila - Thank you :D I'm glad to join the club, hopefully I'll be successful :D

  17. Good luck with your new venture Nick.. nothing beats being your own boss... i can vouch for that!

  18. Lady Java - Thanks :D I'm kinda excited by this venture of mine :D Hope it works out though ...

  19. Wahhhhh....long time no come here..and nick has become a BIG BOSS already..
    Congrats Nick!!

  20. Kadusmama - Hehehe ... really got fed up of working for people la. No job satisfaction whatsoever.

  21. It is such a great feeling when you know that you're doing things that you love and no one is pressuring you. It's not easy at first, but if you don't give up, there is a bigger chance for you to become successful in the end. Just continue to do what you want in life, and let someone help you out in critical situations. =)

    --Raela Drigger

  22. So how do you feel now? I know that's a great risk you have to take, but I'm glad you were still able to do what you really want. Just like they say, Strike while the iron is hot.


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