Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Darn Takes ...

It's been a busy day for me checking out all those careers available for an exhibition project that I'm looking into and the weather is not helping my mood one single bit. So I'm just going to do a couple of short takes for today.

Take One

I was out this afternoon with wifey looking for a birthday gift for my best buddy's little girl who will be 5 years (five right, buddy?) old this weekend and also for my other best buddy's little boy who turned 2 last Sunday.

Now let me tell you that it is not easy trying to look for gifts for little children. Wifey and me went to two malls walking around from shop to shop trying to figure out what to get for the little fellows. While we eventually managed to get something at Toys 'R' Us for the little 2 year old, my buddy's daughter on the other hand was a tougher case.

Apparently the little girl is now in her 'I love anything that has to do with Tom & Jerry' phase and let me me tell you that there isn't a single Tom & Jerry item in the whole of Kuala Lumpur! Why, oh why couldn't she still be in her 'Ben 10' Phase, that would have been so much easier cos there's tons of Ben 10 items around.

Anyways, we ended up buying her a book, which I thought would be a better alternative to hunting for non existent Tom & Jerry items. Now, the book we bought her was not our first choice. I wanted to get her something else but that particular book was out of stock and they had only one book left on the shelf which I wouldn't have minded purchasing except for the fact that it was so badly damaged!

What is it with people who go to bookstores and look through books and don't handle them properly, damage it and just leave it on the shelf like as if they owned the store. This is actually not the first time I've seen damaged books in bookstores. I understand the fact that sometimes you want to browse through the book before actually purchasing it, even I do it, but at least be a little careful about it. Just because you're not going to buy the book, you can just be rough with it to the point of damaging it?

I was pissed that the only copy of the book I wanted to buy as a gift was so badly damaged and it was just my luck that it happened to be the last copy ... siggghhh ... To me a book is sacred and meant to be taken care of. Even when I read my books at home, I'll be extra careful not to crease the spine too much so much so that I'll be holding the book in awkward positions.

I wonder how much of money these bookstores loose a month due to damaged books ...

Take Two

After buying off the gifts, wifey and me strolled around the digital mall section cos I was on the hunt for a new cell phone. Wifey said that if I closed a big project, I could treat myself to a phone of my choice and earlier today I managed to close an Annual Report project for a corporate client of mine. So that gave me reason to splurge on myself. I've got my mind set on a HTC model which I've been eyeing for ages.

So there we were browsing through all the mobile phone booths and everytime we passed one, without fail, some salesperson would always look at us and say,


Everyone of them would say the same thing, whether you looked at them or not, they would always say 'yes'. But I didn't even ask them anything. I mean come on, can't a guy just browse in peace without someone harassing you?

I know you're only trying to get a sale but seriously people, if I wanted help or info about something, I would most definitely ask you. But until then, please leave me alone!

It can get really annoying when you stop at every cell phone booth and they all go 'yes'. It turns me away from even wanting to inquire about their products.

Sometimes I just want to look around without any assistance. Haven't they heard the term window shopping? One of these days, when one of these sales people says 'yes' to me, I'm going to answer with a 'no' ... LOL!

Take Three

There is no take three. I actually do have a take three but I'm so tired from all the walking I did today and I have a long day tomorrow supervising an installation for a signboard project I'm doing. That would probably take all day and I do need my beauty sleep (not that it'll make any difference, mind you) or I'll be cranky all day tomorrow.


  1. I hate that thing about the books too. Some look much worse than 2nd hand ones!

    Same sentiments about salespeople who follow you around... it just unnerves me

  2. Yayy! Hubby asked me the other day what gift to buy for a 12-yo boy and I had no idea. I'm hopeless when it comes to gifts.
    And did you experience being tailed around by a sales agent in stores, too? Hahaa! irritating, isn't it?

  3. AHHAHAHAHAH I think u were so pissed about the weather and the book that it's sucking all your energy. *points at the double "me" in the earlier sentence XD

    Anyways, wut's a Ben 10? o.O

    Oh gosh, I hated looking for presents too. But you know getting presents these days for ppl are expensive, not like when I was younger, heck, I'd be happy if people gimme candy, when I was younger of course XP

  4. LOL. I take care of my books like gold too. If my house was on fire, my first priority would be my books :P

    And oh yes, those sales people who go "Yes?" is soo annoying!

  5. Terra - Yeah, some second hand books look way better.

    Maybe they follow me around cos they think I'm up to no good or something ... LOL!

  6. Marlene - It's getting tougher and tougher looking for gifts for little children these days.

    Salespeople always tail me around cos maybe I look like a crook ... LOL!

  7. Maslight - I must be really blur cos I don't know what double 'me' you're talking about ... hahaha!

    What? You haven't heard of Ben 10? LOL! It's a cartoon series :D

    Yes, present hunting can make you go broke these days. Those days was easier cos they didn't have so many choices ...

  8. Sriyany - Hahaha ... I'm not that drastic, I'd take my laptop first cos otherwise how to blog about the fire ... LOL!

    It is annoying, they could at least use some other work beside 'yes' ...

  9. Mama Mia - I think they should just wrap all the books but then people would still rip the packaging. Maybe tailing them would be a good idea :D

  10. yalah, those sales assistants who watched your every moves irritates me very much. what more those who followed you by your side whereever you go inside the shop. my shopping mood will halted immediately lah if like that.

  11. I hate those salespeople who follow closely behind you esp those who immediately adjust the things after you touch and hold them.
    I mean, come on - you are supposed to asisst us in our purchase not make us feel like we are creating a mess in your store right?

    I once reprimanded a staff in a store and asked her whether she thinks I plan to steal anything by the way the was following and watching us. :(

    Then again, I always end up buying stuff I have no intention in buying yet because of good, efficient and friendly salespeople. I'm always a sucker for good service and I can never tolerate bad service.

  12. Carol - Yes, same for both wifey and me. We'd immediately walk out the store once the sales people started bugging us.

  13. Lina - Oh, that is so darn rude. Tak kan we look at things we want to buy and not touch the stuff, right?

    Maybe one of these days I just might reprimand one of them too.

    I agree, as long as the service is good, I'll not be too fussy even if I got a bad product.


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