Sunday, April 4, 2010

Third Time Lucky

You know that saying 'third time lucky'? Well, it sure rang true for me today.

This morning as wifey and me finished our grocery shopping and just after looking at some tm-t88iv products, we were about to head for home when I get a call from one of my clients. This is my motor sports client and they're having a press conference in Johor Baru tomorrow for an upcoming event at the end of this month.

I've been rushing out stuff for them the entire week in preparation for the press conference and one of the things that I had to produce for them was an F1 type shirt. They really didn't give me much time to get the shirts produced and it was a close call with me managing to send them the shirts late yesterday evening.

But this morning I get a call from the team principal telling me that he needs one extra name to be embroidered on one of the shirts and he needs it in three hours cos the team is leaving for Johor Baru by then.

Good god! It's a Sunday and my suppliers are closed. But he's a nice guy and also a personal long time friend. Besides there was some communication error during the production of those shirts and I said I'll try my best to get that name done but not to hold his breath though.

I can think of three places that would be open on a Sunday where I could get that name embroidered and the first place I thought of was this place called IOI Mall. But then wifey said she doesn't remember that place having facilities for stuff like this. I disagreed but then wifey has better memory than me so I skipped that place and tried the other two places with both turning me down.

That was when I start to panic. I call my client and say I'm totally sorry but I cannot get the embroidery done for him and would have to return the shirt to him. I felt bad having to tell him that. So I told wifey, let's go to IOI Mall anyway cos maybe they do have that embroidery place there and just maybe, we would be third time lucky.

As fate would have it, we head to the mall which is packed with shoppers but strangely enough we find parking right at the entrance which is directly facing the embroidery shop (which wifey now remembers). We quickly get out of the car and run in to the mall and to my relief they're able to do the embroidery for me and it took all of 5 minutes to get it done!

Who would have 'thunk' that I'd find what I need in the third and final place. If only I had gone there in the first place, I would have saved an entire two hours of fuel and time driving around in desperation. And the best part is we even managed to squeeze in some quick shopping time with me managing to buy a new pair of Bermuda's, just the kind that I've been looking for for ages ... hehehe ...

I guess the saying 'third time lucky' really does ring true. Well, for me anyway :D


  1. Well, if we never try we'll never know. So I guess your 3rd try was right on.

    I'd experienced running around to more than 5 different bookshops just to buy my son's Sejarah book which he had to replace for his 'buku bantuan'.

  2. wahhhhhhh... lucky you got good memory jugak :)

    i do know in subang parade.. there's one at the digital part and there's one kiosk in sunway near the Nando's shop.. but i'm not sure if they were able to do it in such short notice :)

    new bermudas ka? model for us le.. *LOL*

  3. Wenny - Yes, that's true. I had a feeling I'd find it in the last place we looked and I was proven right :D

  4. Anny - Hahaha ... sometimes my memory serves me well la, other times no hope la!

    The one at Subang Parade was one of those that didn't want to do it for me! Darn them! It's a simple job, they just don't want to do cos it was only one piece.

    Hahaha ... I don't have nice legs to model my bermudas la ...

  5. Three is the magic number! And you have new shorts.

  6. The World According To Me - It is :D And yes, I love my new bermudas :D

  7. Oh, I am so happy the Third place was able to get the embroidery done for your client and ON TIME. That IS lucky! WOOT!

  8. Meleah - I'm happy too cos I was sweating in desperation by that time ... LOL!

  9. It's been long since I last heard of the word Bermuda. I think the last would be during the Fido Dido time cos u know how the Fido Dido character was always wearing Bermuda. :)

  10. Carol - Hahaha ... I didn't think anyone even remembers the word bermuda!

    Yes, yes, Fido Dido did wear one but I think he copy from me la ... LOL!

  11. may i know if the embroidery place is a shop or just a stall? do u recall the place name in ioi mall? thanks!

    1. It's a stall just in front of KFC. I can't really vouch if they're still there cos I haven't been to IOI mall in ages but I believe they still are.

    2. Thanks! I'll check that out. Do you recall how much they charged u for it? and how big or small is the embroidery?

    3. Can't recall the cost but I think their templates only accommodate up to a maximum A4 size. They don't possess industrial grade embroidery machines, just the usual towel, caps, tees and such.


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