Friday, April 2, 2010


I really don't have much time for myself these days let alone blog. Work has been keeping me busy and I really need a break. Why the heck didn't anyone tell me being your own boss is pretty darned hectic.

I'm not going to write much (hahaha) today cos I've been out all day with wifey who was accompanying me on my work rounds and also to throw in a little shopping time as well. I'm so tired right now but I just had to get online and post these three things I observed while I was out today.

Observation number 1

While waiting to meet a supplier, wifey and me went to one of the hypermarkets in KL for a little shopping. While walking through the isles browsing at stuff we came to the women's department just next to the window blinds department.

There was this piece of blouse with wordings on it that really had me stumped! I stood there for quite a while trying to figure out what exactly did the words mean and for the life of me, I have no idea. Five thumbs up to the copywriter who came up with those words! Pure genius!

And if any of you can give me a reasonable explanation as to what exactly those words mean, I'll step out of my cheapskate streak and actually go buy you a gift! LOL! Seriously!

Observation number 2

Next on my list of observations for the day happened while we were on the way home. We were stuck at a traffic light junction and there was this car one row away from us that had me shaking my head in disbelieve!

He had this horrendous batik like motifs on his car which for the life of me had me questioning his taste and design sense. I mean, come on, who the heck would even put such motifs like that on a car? I wouldn't be caught dead with something like that on my car. I'd rip my doors right off man!

And the worse thing is he had this smug look on his face like as if his car was some kind of cool looking machine. LOL!

Observation number 3

This one might be a little sensitive to all you women out there and I apologise before hand if I offend any of you.

Every morning I send my two boys to school and have to negotiate this cross junction just a few meters away from my place. It's a pretty busy intersection and most of the time I have to inch my way out. Normally people will give me way.

No, let me rephrase that, normally the men would give me way but when it comes to a woman driver, heck they'd just speed by even faster when they see me trying to inch my way through. And it's not like they'd get very far cos they get stuck at the junction just ahead.

I mean, is it going to kill you to just let me pass through? And I'm not being judgmental. This is something I've observed for a very long time. It's only the women drivers who will NOT give me way. The men on the other hand will actually stop and wave me through. Granted, there are some men who are morons too but most of the time it's the women who don't give me way.

It's like the moment they see me, they'll press down the accelerator just so they can block me ... siggghhh ... wifey says maybe I don't look handsome enough ... LOL! She might be right cos I look a sight in the morning when I send the boys to school. I don't even brush my teeth before sending them ... LOL!


  1. I think because you are too handsome that's why the women don't give way. More time to look at you. LOL

  2. Lina - Hahaha ... how I wish! Maybe it's my early morning breath ... LOL!

  3. LOL to lina's comment.
    Well, i think i'd give way for you cos the road near our home is one straight road with several junctions. It's the only road to use before reaching the end that branches to several other roads leading up to the city. So its normal to have long queue and getting other people coming out from the junctions along the way. I am use to giving way to people or given way by others.

  4. Miss visiting you....will come back.

  5. *looks at the shirt. I read it twice also I dun get it. LOL omg~ did anyone buy that? *curious.

    2nd photo, that's the ugliest design ever! I won't want it on my door LOL. On my blog maybe? XD

    Oh talking about woman drivers? I do dat sometimes, but then again, it depends on my mood, sometimes I give way. But if others being an arse to me on a certain day, like PMS-ing, I won't give way MWAHHAHAHAHHAA.

  6. Whoever painted that car like that is an IDIOT!

  7. My english sucks but the wordings are worst than mine, lol! I don't get it.
    The car owner must be a homo. :-)

  8. Observation #1: No idea, really. But i'll never buy it. Messages on tops should be comprehensible (for me at least)

    Observation #2: I actually think it's quite unique... LOL. Well, maybe a bit weird on a car, but still...

    Observation #3: The right of way, I suppose. But I know how you feel. I am sometimes a victim too, and it's usually men who give me way as well. Ask the local road ppl to make a kotak kuning there...

  9. The closest thing I can think of for the words are
    "To fall in love is to cease to be"

  10. Carol - Well, good for you Carol :D At least you're not like all the rest of the women who live in my area!

  11. Rose - Sure, do drop by anytime :D

  12. Maslight - I'm stilltrying to figure it out! LOL!

    I wouldn't be caught dead with a design like that ... hahaha!

    Aiyoooo Maslight, remind me to never meet up with you at a cross junction ... hahaha!

  13. Meleah - Hahaha ... I'm in total agreement with you.

  14. Marlene - My English sucks too but that one takes the cake! As for the owner of the car, I reserve my comments ... LOL!

  15. Terra - I totally agree. I mean, why would anyone go out with words that don't make sense on their tops? I know I wouldn't.

    Hahaha - it it WEIRD on a car la.

    In my neighbourhood, no kotak kuning is going to help, maybe a guy with a bazooka might do the trick! LOL!

  16. TS Lim - So far, you're the only one with the closest explanation ...

  17. I do agree on the women driver thing. I don't get it also. Like can mati like that, giving way to people.

  18. BT - Exactly. It's not going to kill them to give me way.

  19. The baju made me laugh so hard la nick.... hahahahahahahaha..what is that la?? I myself tak boleh faham! To say my english is superbly well tak juga tapi that one..aiyoooooo..sakit perut! LOL!!

    The rest... hmmm normal scene d in KL...:D

  20. Aiyo don la make me laugh with that tee....sape nak pakai? ;)

  21. Pity dat blue car kena featured here lol! :)

  22. car painted with batik motif is weird but cool..hahha...i hope i can see something like that

  23. Emelda - That baju had me stumped la! I really didn't know what to say ... LOL!

    But you're right about it being the usual thing in KL :D

  24. Marzie - But the worst thing is I know someone would actually buy it ... LOL!

  25. Marzie - LOL! I hope he doesn't ever visit this blog la!

  26. Sweet-Girlicious - What? they don't have weird cars like that over there? LOL!

  27. Observation #1 : Maybe they're just words, not a sentence. :)
    Observation #2 : Looks fine to me, but not so suitable on a guy's car.
    Observation #3 : If the car is SLOWLY inching its way out, I'll give way. But if it's forcing its way thru, I (the lady driver) will step on the accelerator. :p

  28. Slavemom - First of all welcome to my blog :D

    Yeah, more like weird words ... LOL!
    You won't find one on my car :D
    Hahaha ... ok, I'll try to SLOWLY inch my way through from now on.

  29. About the car. Aint really a guys car, but its okay. Everyone doesnt have to think like you do, they got their own styles and ideas. Underestimating em aint good.


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