Friday, May 28, 2010

And The Winner Is ...

In my previous post I put up a picture of some tiles and asked you all to guess where it was that I went. Most of you, well, all of you guessed absolutely wrong except one person. The picture was actually the table top of Nando's Restaurant where we had our dinner a couple of days ago.

I thought the clue was pretty difficult and I really thought no one would even make a decent guess but guess (pun intended) what, that Annyboo girl actually got the correct answer. I don't even want to know how in heaven's name did she even figure it out. She must really be a VIP customer at Nando's for her to even recognize the picture as being from Nando's!

Darn, now she's demanding her 100 Monopoly dollars and I guess a promise is a promise. So, Anny, for your effort, I still don't know how you guessed correctly though, I present you with your 100 Monopoly dollars.

What? You though I was going to mail it to you? I'm the world's most cheapskate person so you just print out the picture below, cut it accordingly and hey presto, you have your 100 Monopoly dollars ... LOL! And if you don't have a printer, my office can always print it for you for a small fee ... hahaha!

Don't say I don't keep my promises :D Oh and because I'm in such a giving mood, I'll also present you a coupon for hgh supplements, all you have to do is mention my name when you go redeem it ... hahaha! And if you get thrown out of the shop, I'm not to blame!

A slightly further out shot of the Nando's tiled table with my favourite Peri-Peri Sauce.


  1. Haven't been to Nando's in ages. :D

    Congrats to Annyboo. Wah, get money can buy Monopoly property one! LOL

  2. Urmmm.. how come this monopoly 100 dollars not orange color punya.. i think this is a fake one laa.. :p

    urmmm.. how much does your company charge to print this fake monopoly duit ah? :D

  3. lucky me not.. hahhahaa.. Boy you are so right :D

  4. OMFG *speechless looking at monopoly 100 dollars *rofl

  5. Lina - Yes, she can buy loads of houses and hotels ... LOL!

  6. Boy - Lucky what she, now got 100 monopoly bucks to spend ... hahaha!

  7. Anny - Aiyaaa, you still zaman dulu-dulu punya la! That orange one old style la, now the new style ones is this color ... LOL!

    And it's not fake la, you can buy Park Place, Board Walk and The Electric Company with it la ... hahaha!

  8. Meleah - I'm sure she appreciates the congrats ... LOL! She probably wants to kill me ...

  9. Anny - Hahaha ... Lucky what, 100 bucks you know ... Imagine the amount of things you could buy ... LOL!

  10. Maslight - LOL! I'm sure Anny is speechless too!


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