Saturday, May 29, 2010

P.S. I Love You

It's a nice rainy night. The pitter patter of rain drops on the roof soothes the soul and it's also just the perfect setting to tell you what a soppy little character I can be at times.

I'm not the kind of guy who watches soppy romantic movies more than once. I watch them just for some laughs, especially the romantic comedies and that's about it. The more serious romantic movies don't even attract my attention.

But, there is one romantic movie that I would say I have watched, at the risk of losing my macho standings in the human race, for more than 8 times and am still enjoying every bit of the show! It's not something I'm proud to acknowledge but I just happen to love watching that movie over and over again whenever it's shown on TV.

The show in question is 'P.S. I Love You' and it stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler and I loved the movie the first time I laid my eyes on it and still love watching it till this very day. And yes, I get all mushy everytime I watch it! LOL!

Stop it already, I can see you laughing all the way over there! I don't know why I like this movie but I seriously do. Maybe it's because of the storyline and the way it plays out. I just love the entire concept of the show that even though Holly's (Swank) husband dies but he leaves her letters in anticipation of his death and if that is not romantic, I don't know what is!

Even wifey is amused with the fact that I happen to love this movie so much and can never get enough of watching it. There goes my manly macho image down the drain ... LOL! I know they're showing another rerun of it on Astro and you can bet your bottom dollar (for some of you it's monopoly dollars ... LOL!) that I would be watching it again and getting all mushy too! Hahaha!

Oh and I think Gerard Butler has a body to die for and I told wifey that I'm going to work towards getting a body like his, which would probably take me 20-30 years to achieve ... LOL! For now, I guess I'll just have to stick to looking for the best shampoo for hair loss to just keep whatever hair that is left on my head!


  1. I've never watched this movie before. But yea, Gerard Butler is to die for!

  2. The title reminds me of a Filipino movie when I was young, it was kind of corny movie though. I haven't heard of this movie of Swank but it really sounds romantic.

  3. aawww.... Nick. You are a romantic! :D

    Cannot say I'm a fan of Gerard Butler though... ;)

  4. I hate this movie!
    Cos I've watched this FOUR times and it never failed to give me swollen eyes post watching.
    I wept for almost the entire movie...Perhaps having read the book before and having it seen on movie makes the story very emotionally touching.
    So yeah, don't worry Nick...I won't laugh at you. :D

  5. Terra - You should try and catch it, it's a pretty cool soppy movie ... hehehe ...

  6. Marlene - Yes, it sure sounds like a corny movie ... LOL! But try and catch it if you can, it's a pretty cool movie :D

  7. Lina - LOL! There goes my manly macho image!

  8. Carol - Aha, at least I'm not the only one who 'HATES' this movie too ... LOL!

    But yes, it is an emotional movie and I still don't know why I love the movie so much!

  9. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. this is one of my favourites too.. :) and the other one The Notebook.. i just love this kinda mobies.. hehhehehee

    urmm.. u have the hots for Gerard? hmmm..

  10. Anny - I haven't seen the 'Notebook'. Is it any good? Is it as mushy as 'P.S. I love you?' ... LOL!

    No, no, no, I didn't say I have the hots for him, I just said he has a body to die for la ... LOL!

  11. You sure dooooo have the hots for Gerard.. *LOL* nice body ah? hmmmmm...

  12. Anny - Aiyaaaa, really one, I'm you regular honest to goodness male. I just want a body like Gerard ... I have a wife you know ... LOL!

  13. I absolutely LOVE that movie too!

  14. Meleah - So do I but it does ruin my manly macho image though ... LOL!


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