Friday, May 21, 2010

Excuses, Excuses And More Excuses ...

I'm not really a fan of badminton. I used to watch it and played it a little when I was a kid but it was my favourite sport. I'd rather watch all those ads on electronic cigarette's than watch badminton. Besides, I was more into sleeping being my favourite sport ... LOL! But I did enjoy watching the Thomas cup in the old days and especially when it was hosted in this country.

Well, we once again just recently hosted the Thomas and Uber cups and I seriously didn't give two hoots about it. Besides I wasn't expecting the team to do us proud. When it comes to sports in this country, Nicol David not withstanding, we suck at everything. So, it came as no surprise to me that we didn't get far in the tournament.

But what really got me shaking my head in astonishment is the excuses our badminton primadonas came out with for their loss. Here's an excerpt of what I read in the Star today.

The Thomas-Uber Cup players have blamed the failure to host centralised training in isolation as one of the many reasons for their poor performances.

These issues were brought up during a no-holds barred meeting with the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Mohd Salleh yesterday.

Other grievances and excuses brought up by the shuttlers were that:

They were, culturally, not as mentally strong as the shuttlers from China and South Korea (So be more dedicated and train harder! Duh!)

There was too much disturbance from the media and their surroundings (at the hostel where they shared the facilities with athletes from other sports at Bukit Kiara) (So where did they prefer? The palace of the golden horses?)

The motivation camp was held too close to the Finals (Huh? And that is an excuse?)

They lost to Japan (2-3 in the group tie) because they did not get a chance to try out the stadium when Nigeria failed to turn up for their opening match. (Hahaha ... Didn't get to try out the stadium. Urmmm, wasn't the championship held here and don't you guys originate and train here? Didn't get to try out the stadium ... wahahahahahaha - I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt!)

Aiyooo, please la people, cannot play just say cannot play la ... no need so many excuses, we all understand, you're just lousy and we can live with that. And if you're going to make excuses, at least be a little more creative la.

*shaking head in disbelieve*


  1. Why are you so worked up by it Nick? XD

    relax. Mari kita main badminton. Main pukul need pro XD

  2. He he so memalufying... no need to give reasons la right? Silly reasons some more!

  3. Happy weekend! Say hello to Pebbles for me, woof!

  4. Maslight - Not worked up but totally amused at the excuses they came up with ... LOL!

    I'm hopeless at badminton la ... hehehe ...

  5. Marzie - Itu la, at least be honest la kan? If lousy just say lousy la ... hehehe ...

  6. Marzie - I think Pebbles gonna bite me soon for not letting her do her FF posts ... hehehe ...

    Happy weekend to you and B as well :D

  7. I used to love badminton too. My grandpa even had a badminton court built next to his house which became kinda a meeting place for people and play badminton.

    Nowadays, I couldn't care less about it. :(

  8. "if you're going to make excuses, at least be a little more creative "


  9. They denied me my public holiday when they didn't win... :(

  10. Lina - Wah, seriously? Your grandpa had his own badminton court? Cool man :D

    I'm like you these days cos I couldn't care less too!

  11. Meleah - LOL! I mean, if you're going to make silly excuses, at least make it sound more convincing ...

  12. Terra - EXACTLY! Those no good bums! LOL!

  13. and it's the same ol story again and again.

  14. Carol - It always is ... siggghhh!


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