Friday, May 21, 2010

Prison Break

Pebbles is getting smarter by the day. We live in a double storey house with the living and dining being downstairs and all the bedrooms being upstairs. But our time is mostly spent downstairs cos I modified the maids room, seeing as how us poor people can't afford maids, and turned it in my office.

Wifey and me practically spend most of our time there during the daylight hours where I do my hydroxycut reviews and so does Pebbles. She'll normally hang around under our chair snoozing under the table waking up occasionally to go bark at the numerous stray cats lounging around the back of our house.

She's pretty attached to both wifey and me and is practically like our shadow cos anytime one of gets up to make coffee or to take something, she'll get up and tail us. So naturally when we head up to the room for a nap or something, she'll be happily running after us.

When she first came to us, she didn't or wouldn't want to climb the stairs, she'll just sit there waiting for one of us to carry her up. Then one day all of a sudden, she decided that she could climb staircases and we didn't have to carry her up anymore.

Now, coming down was a problem cos she refused to come down on her own. I think that dog has a fear of heights ... heheh ... We've been trying for months and months trying to  get her to come down the stairs on her own but t no avail. We'd always have to carry her down and she's not getting any lighter mind you, judging by the amount of food she eats.

It was also a good thing that she couldn't come climb down staircases it would help a lot when we needed to clean the place. We'd just leave her up there and she wouldn't come down.

But recently that dog finally managed to learn to walk down the stairs which surprised the hell out of both of us. We were happy for her, now we didn't have to carry that fatty down anymore ... LOL! And she looks so darn cute scurrying down the stairs.

Now, whenever we go out, we'll always lock her in the room and she would always try to follow us but she could never walk down the stairs. But yesterday, when we were going out, that dog made a break for it. She just bounded of the bed and ran out the room without even looking back, scurrying her way to freedom downstairs leaving both wifey and me flabbergasted at her behaviour.

She's never done that before. Whenever we go out, she would always sit quietly and give us her sad puppy dog eyes (a trick she is SO good at doing) trying to make us guilty but she would never even try and make a break for it. But yesterday she decided that enough was enough and now that she can climb down stairs, no one was going to keep her locked in the room.

It was a really funny sight and I wish I could have captured it on video, it would have made the top story for an episode of America's Funniest Animals (errr, is the title, ah? I really don't know). It was a typical animal prison break being attempted by a furry and naughty little shih tzu! Like I said, that dog is getting smarter and smarter by the day. I wonder what else she has planned in the future ...


  1. Aw. I wish you captured Pebbles on video trying to make a break for it too! Godo for her for finally figuring out how to go down the stairs alone!

  2. Meleah - I wish I had too cos it was such a funny sight! LOL!


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