Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun In The Sun

I can't wait to get all my work done for the day cos tomorrow I'll be heading out of town with the family for a much needed 3 day getaway with two of my other buddies and their families. It's been a while since we all went on a holiday together. In fact I don't think all three families have ever gone on a holiday together.

I've still got a heck of a lot of work that needs to be completed before we head out tomorrow so today will be a crazy day running around sorting out all my work so that no one disturbs me during my getaway.

We'll be heading out of town the moment the boys get back from school tomorrow. I was thinking of getting them to skip school but wifey says that it's the last day of their exams so we have no choice but to go after they're back. Good thing it's a Friday tomorrow and they get back way earlier than normal.

The only thing I hate about leaving late is having to drive in the heat of the afternoon sun. With four of us in the car, my air conditioning is going to be working hard to keep us cool for the drive down.

There are so many things to do but so little time to do it in. The bags need to be packed. The camera batteries need to be charged. The car needs to be serviced and arrangements for Pebbles accommodation need to sorted out. As much as I would love to bring her along, unfortunately the place we're staying don't allow pets so it's off to a pet boarding place near our house for her.

This is the fist time she's going to be away from us for two whole days since she came to live with us and I'm sure she's not going to like it. I just hope she'll be alright though. Anyways, it's only for two nights. I'll bring along all her favourite toys so she'll have so company at least.

The boys are pretty excited and have been pestering wifey with a countdown of how many days to go since they found out about the trip. We try to keep it a secret until the very last cos once they find out, they'll be no stopping them from reminding us how many days there are left.

There's only one thing that is really not good during holidays is the fact that I'll be eating non-stop and would probably need treatment for high cholesterol when I come back. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for some fun in the sun :D


  1. urmm.. posraju Pebbles to me la... at least it will be free and and and.. she gets a photoshoot too :D

  2. Have a great holiday :) and dun forget to stuff your face silly with all the great food! ahhh.. cendol cendol cendolllllllllllllllllll

  3. i'm on a diet. gonna try e at less for a month...have fun on ur trip

  4. :D Have fun ya..don't forget to switch off ur phone so nobody can disturb u..

  5. Pebbles isn't going too? Awww... Pebbles will surely miss you!


    Anyway, have fun. :) Bring back lots of photos for us to see.

  6. Anny - Aiyaa, that pos raju fee also mahal tau :D

  7. Anny - Aiyooo, that's what I'm afraid off la, coming back from my holiday with a huge belly ... LOL!

  8. Maslight - All the best on your diet :D

  9. KadusMama - Now that is the best advise I heard all of today :D

  10. Lina - Unfortunately she can't come with us ... sob, sob, sob!

    Oh, I will take loads of pictures, that is if I get my camera batteries charged in time ... LOL!

  11. Carol - Thanks :D I'm really looking forward to it.


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