Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My best buddy has gone to the dogs! He's finally got himself a cute little doggy for his daughter. In fact, the bum ... urrrmmm ... I mean good chap kept it to himself for a few days before even telling me! Hrrrmmmppppp!

But I'm damn excited and happy for him. Now we've got more things to talk about besides girls ... urrrmmm ... I mean sports and Lipofuze ... hehehe! He's now a proud owner of feisty little kamikaze Shnauzer that loves gives you his own custom made 'hit and run' treatment.

He has this habit of running up to you, biting you on the feet and running away like a mad little fellow. He's still a little baby though but he's so darn cute :D You can check out his pix at Adrian's blog, he's got a couple of pictures of the little tyke.

Last Sunday we had a Dog day afternoon where I took Pebbles there to meet the little fellow who's called Rupert by the way. Would you believe Pebbles is afraid of the lil fellow? He kept chasing her around and she kept jumping into wifey and my arms to stay out of his way ... LOL!

The thing with Pebbles which surprised both wifey and me was how well behaved she was outside of the comforts of her own home. She kept quiet and didn't even raise a whimper, not even when she saw some cats passing by outside. If it was here at home, she'll bark non stop wanting to eat those cats ... hahaha!

I suppose she's more used to the familiar surroundings of home. She's like a little thug here at home wanting to fight with dogs bigger than her. What she doesn't know is that she's a teeny weeny little dog!

Anyways, I must say that I'm happy that you got a dog buddy, cos it's been a while since you wanted a dog of your own. And the little fellow is so bloody cute. I just hope he doesn't have brain damaged from nibbling on my toes all Sunday ... hahaha ...

We must get together more for these dog day afternoons. It's not often I get to see Pebbles on her best behavior :D


  1. Pebbles acts just like kids. Some will be well behaved outside the confines of their home. I guess Pebbles knows that you guys will forgive him (or is it her?) regardless of his behaviour at home. Just look at those eyes! LOL

  2. I checked out the pictures and what a dog! He's adorable. And so is Pebbles. Makes me want one!

  3. Thnaks for bringing Pebbles by last Sunday. I think Rupert was just so excited to see another of his kind. The little fellow has been up to more mischief and dragged the bathroom mat to the hall and refused to let go...naughty little fellow.

    One more day to more day to go...can't wait you know...cause we got one more day to go!! And no friggin fried kueh teow that was soggy no matter what that other bum recommends. :)

  4. Dogs are like little toddlers. They know when to behave and when they can get away with anything.

    I've just recently been blessed with a cute little Shih Tzu, Bowie. It's a lost dog that wandered into my friend Cheryl's home. If I can't locate the owner, he'll be a permanent fixture in my home.

  5. Lina - Yes, she does act exactly like a little kid at times :D Know how to merajuk lagi tu :D And Pebbles is a girl :D

  6. Terra - He is :D And Feisty even.

  7. The World According To Me - What are you waiting for? Go out and get one of your own already :D

  8. Adrian - LOL! He is a mischievous lil fellow, that's for sure!

    But it was a fun session and we must do it more often.

    I can't wait for tomorrow either and if that bum even mentions Kueh Teow, I'll smack him silly so help me God! LOL!

  9. Wenny - Yes, they are :D And I hope the owner doesn't come looking for Bowie cos then you can keep him :D

  10. I doubt my Bam Bam would be as well behave as Pebbles. Mini Pinscher and barking is just too synonym.

  11. Carol - LOL! Yes, I've heard a Mini Pinscher bark before :D


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