Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Overdue ...

It's been a whole week since I came back from my holiday and I haven't even written anything about it. Work commitments kept me busy that trying to find time to blog was kinda difficult. Most of my urgent work has been completed so I can at least write a little about my long forgotten trip and hopefully someone is interested in reading it ... LOL!

Me and the family of my two best buddies went to Malacca last week for a long overdue vacation. It was actually the first time all three families actually made a trip together. The holiday was really great and refreshing and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the kids who had a blast splashing around in the pool.

Wifey and me last visited Malacca about 10 years ago and the place has changed quite a bit, I would say for the better :D The entire three days was basically spent eating and eating though I must say there where high and lows concerning the food.

The highs would most definitely be when my buddy, Adrian introduced the WORLD'S BEST Mee Rebus which I have never ever tasted in my entire 43 years. And this coming from a guy who doesn't really like Mee Rebus. Unfortunately, the next day when both of us wanted to have that same Mee Rebus for breakfast the guy selling it didn't turn up and we were both sadly disappointed.

Wifey was a little disappointed food wise cos we really didn't get the chance to go and find some decent seafood especially Asam Pedas fish which she happens to love. The one we finally managed to find was horrible to say the least. Both wifey and my buddy's wife ordered Asan Pedas on the last day of the trip and they said it was horrible.

The only consolation was, my buddy complained to the manager about it and he didn't charge them for the Asam Pedas. Good thing e managed to get it for free otherwise he would have never lived it down cos he recommended the place very highly ... LOL!

Overall I must say that I really enjoyed myself. Malacca itself is historical in its own sense and we had a blast visiting all the historical monuments there. Ten years ago wifey and me took a picture of ourselves in front the A'Formosa fort and one of our aims this time round was to take another picture in the exact same place and pose to see what tens years difference would have made and let me tell you, it made a heck of a lot of difference! I'm not even going to go into details how much the two of us has changed since then ... hehehe ...

Sadly I don't really have much pictures cos for some strange reason, the battery for the camera, even though I charged it thoroughly before we left, was so weak that I couldn't even switch on the camera ... siggghhh ... this things always only happen to me! So I ended up taking pictures with my cell phone camera which isn't anything to shout about. Well, wifey did bring her digital camera (thank god!) so at least I can salvage some pictures from there.

I actually would love to write about the trip a lot more but like I said, it has been almost a week and my failing memory can't remember all the details anymore (LOL!) So I'll just leave you with some pictures that I took with my cell phone camera. When I'm not too lazy I'll edit the pix from wifey's camera and do another post. The key word here is 'when I'm not too lazy!' LOL!

Oh and there is one thing I noticed about Malacca that had me riled up was that they had way tooooooo many traffic lights!

The famous maritime museum ...

View from atop St.Paul's Hill ...

St. Paul's Hill ...

 Something about these grave markers intrigued me ...

A parade that was ongoing ...

Would you believe this is a restaurant?

... and this too!

A part of the decor on a wall in the restaurant ...

My drink called Love Potion No. 9 (I have no bloody idea why I even ordered this drink!)

Aptly describes me ... LOL!


  1. Love Potion No 9 sounds like the perfect name for perfume! Malacca sounds nice... I should make a trip down soon. It's been ages.

  2. Just one post on your vacation? I would have written so many posts it 'll last me 2months! Haha!!

  3. Love Potion No.9? Sounds like a nice name for a drink! Is it any good?

  4. How's the love potion taking effect to you afterwards? :D

    I haven't been to Malacca for soooo long. The last time I've been there was to take my SPM results in '92!

    Must try and make a return visit with my family someday.

  5. Are u sure the world's best mee rebus is found in Melaka?

  6. Terra - Hahaha ... it does and till today I have no idea why I even ordered it!

    Go, go, Malacca is pretty cool actually but be forewarned about their obsession with traffic lights!

  7. Foong - LOL! Nothing much to shout about la. It was more like a time to recuperate the mind and soul.

  8. Foong - To be honest, I thought it was a little bland ... I was expecting something smokey and sinister :D

  9. Lina - Hahaha ... it was a very weak potion cos I can't even remember what it tasted like!

    1992? That is a long time. Make Malacca your next holiday destination, gee, I sound like I'm working for Malacca Tourism Board ... LOL!

  10. Foong - I'm not only sure, I'm totally convince the WORLD'S BEST mee rebus can be found in Malacca :D

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