Friday, May 14, 2010

What? Friday Already?

Where did the week go? I've been so busy with work ever since I came back from my yet to talk about holiday that I do need another holiday just to recuperate! All the pictures I took albeit with my cell phone camera (my darn camera battery wasn't charged properly) hasn't even been downloaded for editing yet.

Work has been hectic with everything having an urgent priority tag attached to it. Come to think of it when has any work not have an urgent priority tag attached to it. Wouldn't it be nice just for once I could have a client come up to me and say,

'Hey, I need this natural acne treatment brochure printed but please take your time, it's not that urgent.'

Now that would really be awesome. But then, even in the movies things like that don't happen. I haven't even really had time to sit and answer all my comments from my two previous posts. I'll get around to it soon over the weekend. Thank you for all your comments. In fact, I just saw my Google reader and it says there's 142 posts from you guys for me to catch up on! I'll get around to that over the weekend too :D

Pebbles is still a little sick and it's all her own fault for not wanting to take her meds. She's been putting up a huge fuss everytime wifey tries to give her her meds. I've tried everything, from hiding the pills in her food like Anny suggested to breaking it down to a powder form and even diluting it in water and syringing it into her mouth but all she does is fight like crazy. For a small dog I'm amazed at her strength.

I drove to the vet again today to ask him if there was some easier way to get her to take her medication and also why the heck didn't they make medication for dogs in some other easier form. Imagine trying to get a child to swallow pills, magnify that by 100 for dogs! She just refuses to take her pills and because of that she's not recovering fast enough.

Wifey and me managed to spike some of her food with the pills today and it was the first time we actually managed to give her a full set of medication. I hope it works for tomorrow cos that dog is pretty smart and knows how to smell her food before consuming it. She hasn't really eaten much and the poor girl has lost some weight.

If she's still stubborn over the weekend with her meds, I'm taking her to the vet and let him feed her the pills ... LOL! He made it sound so darn easy! Happy weekend folks.


  1. Happy weekend to u, too ...

    Ya, time flies and is never enough ... and work never ends and is always urgent ...

    Dun care ... enjoy the weekend first ... kekeke

    Wish Pebbles get well soon ... Cheers :)

  2. Homely Guy - Good advise, I'm really not caring about work and am enjoying my weekend. Work problems can wait till Monday :D


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