Thursday, May 20, 2010

Near Death Experience!

This is a bitch post so don't bother reading if you don't wanna hear me bitch!

Malaysian drivers are just plain moronic! They don't bother stopping at junctions, they make turns whenever they like and don't bother signaling, the drive the wrong side of a one way street road and endanger other people and they just bloody well park anywhere they blooming like.

In the past two days alone wifey and me nearly had ourselves run over, almost smash front first into another car and nearly got rammed by two cars!

Yesterday morning while sending the boys to school, this stupid lady just decided to make a U-turn at a small busy road without even indicating her actions. She just turned and I nearly rammed my car right into her. If I wasn't alert enough I'm sure there would have been some serious injuries.

I don't know what was running through her stupid thick skull to even attempt a U-turn on a small busy road with school going kids around but she just did it and didn't even bat an eye lid. I felt like getting out of my car and strangling her silly.

Then about an hour later, wifey and me were crossing a one way street and naturally we wouldn't look at the other end of the road before crossing cos it is after all a one way street. Just as we were in the middle of the road, this car comes zooming by the wrong side of the road almost running us down. He didn't even care that he was on the wrong side of the road and that he nearly killed two pedestrians.

Then today, or more specifically an hour ago, just after we had dinner and was driving back home, this lady just decides to come out of her parking bay at the very last minute even though I flashed my headlights at her. She nearly hits me on the side and doesn't even bother to at least show an apologetic gesture and just drives off, and at a snails pace at that irritating the life out of me when all of a sudden she spots another parking space and just turns into it without even signaling almost causing me to smash into her rear.

And it's not over yet, just down the road, another moron decides to just come out of his parking and once again narrowly miss ramming into my car. It's not like he couldn't see me, It was dark and I had my headlights on. If it was the day time, I could understand but it was night and my headlights were more than enough to let him know I was passing by!

Half the time I feel like coming out of my car and kicking their idiotic butts. Normally they get a shake of my fist which wifey doesn't really like me doing cos she says it makes me look like a thug ... hahaha ... One of these days they'll get more than a shake of my fist and see a steering lock flying at them so much so that they'll end up needing roadside assistance!

I really don't know what is it with drivers these days. I wonder how much they actually paid for their driving license cos I'm pretty sure they didn't get it legally seeing as how none of them even understands and road rules! Or knows how to drive for that matter!

Told you this was a bitch post!


  1. Urmmm urmmm... it must have been a very stressful day for you.

  2. Good thing i was not on the road today.. else.. i might just be one of the ones that did annoy you today.. cos i doooo drive at snail's pace.. *LOL*

  3. All those drivers got lesen kopi o izit?
    Wah, plenty of dangerous drivers at your neighbourhood leh... better be careful.

  4. Malaysian drivers are like that.. hehe

  5. tell me about it man. now if i cross a one way street i will make sure that no one is coming from oppo side. alot of motorbikes just couldnt care less about the pedestrians.

  6. Anny - It was. I think someone was out to get us ... LOL!

  7. Anny - LOL! Maybe it was you ... hahaha!

  8. Lina - My neighbourhood has loads of crazy moronic drivers la. I think they all bought their license.

  9. Xin - Yes, they all just love driving the wrong way down a one way street. One of these days someone is going to seriously get hurt!


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