Friday, June 4, 2010

The Signs ...

We all get old eventually and with old age comes all kinds of trials and tribulation. And of course, there will be loads of signs to indicate just how old and senile you’re becoming.

Sign Number One

You hunt all over the car frantically searching for your blue tooth headset cos you need to make an important call and of course not using your hands-free car kit is a crime.

Of course rummaging through your car while driving searching for your hands-free car kit should also be considered a crime in itself but we’re not going to talk about that for now.

As I was saying, you search high and low looking for your blue tooth headset cursing profanities all the way and then you find it sitting snugly in your ear where it was all along!

Sign Number Two

You walk upstairs to take or do something and when you get there you totally forget just what it was you wanted to take or do.

Also the same as you tell someone something and then in the next few minutes you go and tell them the same thing again and again!

Sign Number Three

You memorize a list of things to do for the day and then totally forget to do about 85% of the things on that list.

You only realize you’ve forgotten when you get home and your wife goes, 

‘Have you done that, this and those yet?’

And that’s when you go ‘Oh, Crap!’

Sign Number Four

Your wife comes to you and asks you why does it take so long for you to finish that bottle of shampoo that you’ve been using for months and months and you point at your head and say, 

‘Urmmmm, that’s because I don’t have that much hair these days, honey …’

Sign Number Five

You supposed to write a post about prenatal vitamins and end up writing something else altogether.

Sign Number Six

You can't remember what you did just ten minutes ago.

The list goes on but you get the picture, right? It sucks growing old!


  1. I become a bit senile when I got pregnant and never really recovered after that! LOL

  2. I'm old ;_; but lucky for me, I don't look my age mwahahhaha. *perasan.

  3. Nick,

    you're OLD...

    (now you're going to forget this after ten minutes)

  4. you are getting OLD ka? *runnnnnnnnnnnssssssss*

  5. Lina - Hahaha ... I didn't know anyone could get senile from being pregnant.

  6. Maslight - Me pulak opposite, I'm young (at least I still think so) but I look old ... LOL!

  7. Boy - LOL! I think you're most probably rigth!

  8. Anny - Hahaha ... unfortunately, yes la ...

  9. Nick,
    Pregnant women can be a little "forgetful", you know. We Mommies sometimes lamented that our memory is not like it used to be. :D

  10. Lina - Hahaha ... I learn something new everyday. Well, we can't blame my forgetfulness on pregnancy, that's for sure ... LOL!

  11. I'm afraid I can only LOL at this post.

  12. Terra - LOL! And I don't blame you.

  13. Gosh...after reading your post, I dread getting old now :P

  14. LOL. ok i must *try* to remember not to let those happen to me.

  15. Sriyany - Hahaha ... don't worry, us men get senile faster than women :D

  16. Xin - Good luck on that one ... LOL!

  17. UH OHHHH..i have few of the signs there already...dang it!

  18. Emelda - LOL! You still young what!

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