Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Goodie ...

Most of you know I'm going for a run this weekend and that I'm pretty excited about it for a few reasons. One is because this will be the first ever run that I'll doing with wifey. Two is because I'm always excited when it comes to running these days and three is because of the goodie bag for the event.

Today was the collection day for the race kits and numbers and all that and both wifey and me couldn't wait to go collect our race kits and goodie bag. We're pretty excited about the goodie bag cos we were told the goodie bag would be worth over RM300 (not sure if this is really true or not)!

The first thing we did today after our run was to drive all the way to the Olympic Council of Malaysia office and grab our kits as early as possible. Unfortunately when we got there we only got the running tees (which was a Reebok tee) and our numbers but no goodie bag.

Wifey was not too happy but then we both realized that they would only be giving the goodie bag on race day after the race. Darn! Now we're going to have to wait until after the run to see if the goodie bag is really worth more than RM300 or not.

I'm not really holding my breath though cos the Reebok tee that they gave was not really up to my expectations. Anyways, we'll just have to wait till this Saturday to see what's in that goodie bag. This is the first time in any of the races that I went before in which they are giving out a goodie bag as expensive as that.

I wonder what the heck they have in there? Maybe a free BMW (LOL!) or even a Blue Cross NC coupon for discounted health plan? I really don't know. All I know is I'm gleefully looking forward to the end of the race to see just what kind of goodies I'll be getting :D


  1. You'll probably find.. milo.. urmm.. heat rub.. urmm.. panadol.. urmm.. some coupons with discounts at some expensive sports store.. hehhehee.. urmm.. some sweets.. urmmm.. a pen hopefully.. urmm.. minyak cap kapak would be good just in case someone faints.. some hair band thingy for the girls.. and if you are really really lucky.. a bottle of mineral water :D i sure do hope they throw in a tiny bmw :p

  2. LOL @ Anny's comment..

    Good luck on your run with wifey! :) I hope you get awesome goodie bags... but I'm sure the experience would be one for the memory books! :D Take pics please.. and none of those feet pics you love so much! LOL! :D

  3. I agree with Anny. You'll probably get a Reebok or Axel umbrella as well!

  4. Good Luck to you and the wifey! Have fun and stay well hydrated!

  5. Anny - Minyak cap kapak ... hahaha ... well, I know for a fact they're giving mineral water but that mini BMW I don't know la ... hope they do give me one ... LOL!

  6. Shemah - Anny's like that, a little not straight in the head that girl ... LOL!

    Alamak, you still remember those feet pictures I used to take ... LOL! I don't think I have a place for a camera la but we'll see how it goes ... hehehe ...

  7. Sriyany - I hope so. I'm really looking forward to the goodie bag to be honest ... :D

  8. Xin - CD's? Hopefully it's something decent ... LOL! And those colognes better be Adidas ones! LOL!

  9. Meleah - Thank you :D I plan to drink loads of water the hours before the run. Hopefully I don't need to run in some bushed later on though ... LOL!


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