Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rice, Fizzy Drinks & Junk Food

It's been more than three months since I last consumed any fast food or drank any fizzy drinks. It's been more than three months since I last ate rice or snacked on any kind of junk food other than fruits or a power bar. And to be honest I'm just loving it :D

Yes, it has been more than three months since wifey and me decided to totally and drastically change our unhealthy lifestyle. I never thought I could give up eating rice or sacrifice my junk food. I couldn't do without a packet of chips or salted peanuts whenever I watched TV or read a book. And I HAD to have rice with all my meals. I would eat mountains of rice.

Which was probably the reason why wifey used to call me 'bulat' ... LOL! It was quite, no, it was extremely difficult at first to forsake all the things I'm so used to. I mean, I was salivating when I saw the boys feasting on some huge burger from Carls Junior or Wendy's. It was a long uphill road not to give up but having wifey along with me on this new lifestyle change was a great help.

We kept each other motivated and when one of us wanted to wolf down a Big Mac or a Pizza, the other would drag each other away from temptation. After a while though, we both adapted to eating differently and stopped craving for stuff like that. We started watching out calorie intake. We only ate stuff that was good for us. And the results were quite evident. Our clothes are all now loose fitting that we look like two bag people whenever we go out ... LOL!

But of course, we didn't deprive ourselves completely from the things we want to eat. From time to time we would 'treat' ourselves with something as a reward for the week of hard training we do every morning. My sinful pleasure right now is treating myself to a nice not so huge cone of Gelato ice-cream. And I get my 'fix' from the Empire Shopping Gallery branch on a regular basis that the staff there probably know me already ... LOL!

Talking about Empire Shopping Gallery, it just so happens to be our favourite hang out these days. I don't know why, maybe its cos you can buy phentermine there, but we both love the place. With all that said and done, I'm happy that I took this decision to head on the road to healthier lifestyle. I feel so much better these days. I feel at least 5 years younger which still puts me in the senior citizen category ... LOL!

Oh and we haven't even gone for this Saturday's race yet but we went and signed up for another 7km race in September! It's really great to have a wife who also now loves running :D Soon she'll be running faster than me ... LOL!


  1. Bulat,

    I just ate Cheeseburger.. :P

  2. Hehehehe, I had this burger reward after my 7k run, and guess wut, I couldn't finish it. It felt so big somehow hahahah. I need ice cream fix XD

  3. Bulat.... So cute. :)

    Yalor Bulat, I just had Big n Tasty burger last night. :D

  4. Have a great run this weekend with wifey ya.. and bring us some pictures.. kasi cellotape the camera to your arm or sumthing.

  5. Boy - Hahaha ... you tempting me ah? Evil la you nie!

  6. Maslight - Rewarding ones self after a run is always good :D Keeps you motivated.

    The same happens with me. I can't finish most of my food these days.

  7. Lina - It wasn't one of my more flattering nicknames la ... LOL!

    Aiyooo, you also tempting me la ...

  8. Anny - Ya lor, bulat was what she used to call me ... LOL!

  9. Anny - Thanks :D I just hope it doesn't rain though.

    Cellotape? Not duct tape? Or was that masking tape? LOL!


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