Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat's In The Cradle

Before I had Pebbles I wasn't all that fond of animals. While I wasn't mean or anything to animals, I just couldn't relate to animals, well unless of course you count my two best friends in the equation. The two of them are the only animals I could relate to ... hahaha!

As I was saying, while animals especially pets were cute and all that, I never could see myself having a pet at home, that was until Pebbles came into our lives. These days I'm really fond of animals. I simply adore them, especially dogs. I cannot believe I lived my live without a pet.

Pets tend to bring something into your household that I just cannot explain. Though some of them act like diva's (we all know who I'm talking about ... LOL!), they do tend to bring a certain sense of joy to the family. In fact they become a part of the family.

And it's not just dogs. I'm fond of all kinds of animals out there. And when I see one in danger or any kind of peril I get so worried. There was once wifey and me saw this huge Golden Retriever running loose with a Poodle, they kinda got lost from their home and we were both so worried that they'd get hit by passing cars that we tried to catch them and see if we could find the owner later.

It's a good thing the owners kids came running looking for them and we were both breathing a huge sigh of relieve. Even the stray cats at the back of the house tends to make me feel sorry for them. Though they're well fed by the neighbors, I still feel sad for them cos they don't have anyone to care for them and when it rains, they have to seek shelter anywhere they can.

I remember this incident once when they were just newly born kittens and they were hiding out in the drain inside my back yard and it started to pour cats and dogs (pun not intended) and both wifey and me were so worried for them that we tried to take them out of the drain into some shelter but the mommy cat hissed at us and was so protective of them. Good thing the daddy cat finally came and rescued them one by one while the mommy looked on warily at us.

We were actually cheering on the daddy cat for a job well done of protecting his little ones :D So it saddens considerably me when I see strays without homes or the occasional run over kitten. What saddens me more is when I see someone who owns a pet only to chain the pet up all day or mistreat their pets. Why even bother having a pet and chain or lock the fellow up all day.

Most people don't realize that pets have feelings too. I treat Pebbles like a part of the family. If she does something naughty she gets a scolding. If she does something good, she gets praised and generally I can see that she's so much happier these days compared to when I first got her. She was always locked up in the bathroom when her previous owner was home and only let loose when no one was in. A sad was to live, if you ask me.

So these days, I am generally an animal lover, be it a dog, cat, elephant or giraffe which is why I was brought to almost tears when I saw this billboard ad on the way to an appointment today. It had this picture of this cute little puppy and it went like this:

'To you he's just a pet. To him you're EVERYTHING.'

Those words are so true. A pet, any pet for that matter is not just some toy to keep you entertained when you're bored and then tossed aside when you feel like it. Pebbles brings so much joy to all of us at home that we don't consider her a pet, we consider her a part of the family.

For wifey and me, it's like having another child at home. When she's sick, we fret over her. When we leave her at home for too long, we get restless. When she's quiet and not herself, we worry. When she's naughty, she gets an earful from me (not that she bothers, mind you ... LOL!) but most importantly we love her just as much if not more than we love the boys.

So people, do treat your pets or any animal for that matter with a little more love cos remember, to them you're everything :D

Ps. I have to confess, once in my teenage years, this little kitten was drinking off a puddle of water by the road and I nudge the poor fellow into it on purpose and laughed my head off ... hehehe ... I know, I know, that was mean but it was so funny at the same time. I'll burn in animal hell for that I'm sure!


  1. Watch it buddy!!! Your two animal friends might just have something to say about that!!

  2. I can't believe your PS! But it could have been worse, just a young lad mucking about!

    Yes, I agree. Pets are part of the family. They can be so loyal and loving and make a home feel complete.

  3. I sure everyone feels the same so that we don't have tp see sp many stray animals that used to be someone's pet. :(

  4. Eddie - Hahaha ... thought you don't read my blog these days!

  5. The World According To Me - Hahaha ... I was young and mischievous back then.

    They are loyal especially if you treat them well :D

  6. Lina - True. But I feel for these poor animals. Pebbles has changed my perception of pets and animals ...

  7. But there were planes to catch and bills to pay

  8. My Bam Bam is like our anak already. Whenever we go back to my hometown, my parents would be the happiest seeing him. And when we are leaving, the first goodbye from them is for our Bam Bam. Ha!

  9. Anny - Urrmmm, what planes la? LOL!

  10. Carol - Same here with Pebbles. It's like having three children hete ... LOL!

  11. Aww! You really are everything to Pebbles!

  12. You know what i can't stand? People getting pets, and then when they're bored of them or they get too difficult to be cared for, just leave them on the streets! That's horrible!

  13. Meleah - I hope I am cos she had changed my life :D

  14. Terra - Yes, people like that should be shot! The least they could do was to give them to someone else and not just dump them ...


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