Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loyalty Pays ...

Sometimes it pays to be loyal.

Wifey and me just love eating ayam penyet. And we have this particular ayam penyet restaurant that we always patronize on a weekly basis. Strangely enough, we somehow happen to always visit it on the same particular day every week.

We're both the kind of people who like patronizing restaurants that have good service irrespective of how good the food is. For us, service is very important and fortunately this restaurant has both good service and good food too :D

Now, last week we went there for our usual weekly dinner and as always, we ordered the same menu. Wifey loves the ayam penyet (chicken meal) and I love the empal penyet (beef meal). We'd also order the sup ekor (ox tail soup) and the sup rawon (herbal beef soup) and some snack thingy called keropok emping (chips).

The staff there all knows us quite well and practically know our order cos we'd never fail to order the same thing each time we go there. I have to stress once again that the staff and service there are excellent and our food arrived in no time.

So after we swallowed everything down, I head to the cashier to pay. The cashier then hands me my bill and with a smile says,

'I'm giving you a 5% discount cos you guys always eat here every week'

I was pleasantly surprised and was also pretty happy for the discount. It may have only been a 5% discount but it really was a nice gesture and one that will most definitely keep me heading back there every week for more. The fact that they actually knew we always visited was also surprising.

It is good service and little small gestures like these that make people go back for more unlike a certain useless restaurant that I wrote about quite sometime back that had the most horrible service ever!

Anyways, because of that small little gesture of appreciation, I'd like to recommend them to all of you. If you're ever in the Summit Shopping Mall and want a nice and decent place to eat, then by all means please head to Ayam Penyet Ria at the lower ground floor right opposite the Giant Supermarket and I'm sure you'll come away with a happy experience. Who knows you might end up with some free custom tote bags or something.

Like I said, sometimes it pays to be loyal :D


  1. I gotta try this ayam penyet thing when I get to KL! Which only will happen in Dec :)

  2. wow! that is indeed nice of them. Some more no need to ask for discount.

    I also have a few places that I like to go to. And they reward me with free stuff usually - desserts or something. I'm happy also. :D

    p.s you redeemed your free voucher already?

  3. thats so lucky of u to get the xtra 5%! i tried the waroeng ayam penyet in curve and it was disappointing. i think i dont want to eat another meal of ayam penyet again

  4. Maslight - You must try but only the one in Summit, the rest I can't vouch for them :D

  5. Lina - These are the kinds of gestures that would keep people loyal to them.

    Oh yes, I have already redeemed that voucher long ago ... hehehe ...

  6. Xin - Thanks for the heads up. Wifey and me wanted to try that Waroengz Peyet place but since you say it's awful, we'll skip the place ... LOL!

  7. Ooh!! Thanks for this recommendation! I also like good food and good service! : )

  8. I've always wanted to try Ayam Penyet Ria but never have the chance to do so because there's no outlet in KL.

    For me Waroengz Penyet & Bali Feel has a nice kick ass sambal to eat with the chicken meal! I won't recommend Ayam Penyet AP though. The one i went in Cheras, the service was slow and the food was so-so

  9. Oh that was sooo nice of them to give you 5% off the meal because you're regulars!

  10. wow! how nice.
    if i go there next time, can i refer your name as the loyal customer who recommended the place so that we'd get the 5% as well? hehe

  11. Foong - You're welcome :D Good things need to be made aware of.

  12. Soulie - I haven't tried any other Ayam Penyets though. Maybe one of these days I might venture out a little further than my comfort zones ... hehehe ...

  13. Meleah - It was. Makes me always want to go back there for more :D

  14. Carol - Hahaha ... You can sure try :D


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