Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Heart Beats Like A Crazy ...

Take One

There are a few signs that indicate when you start getting old. This evening wifey and me were on the way back from one of our shopping sessions. On the way back to our neighbourhood we have to pass by a security point since the neighbourhood is now a gated community.

This passing of the security point is something that I do everyday and the guards all know me and the family pretty well. Most times, I'll just give them a friendly wave as I drive through. Today on the other hand, I slow the car, wind down my window and proceed to pay them toll!

*Shakes head in bewilderment*

I have no idea why the heck I did that but all I can say is that is surely one huge sign you're growing old and losing your mind. You should have seem the weird looks wifey gave me ... hahaha! Maybe I'll go and quietly do my camcorder reviews after this so as to avoid any more major embarrassing issues cropping up.

Take Two

Our cell phone these days are pretty high tech, what with all the camcorder facilities, camera functions, internet accessibility and hands free convenience. All these high tech facilities are designed to make life easier for us, right?

Then tell me why do people enable their hands free function and then proceed to HOLD the phone next to their mouths and talk into it? I mean, why the heck use hands free and then hold the phone and talk? I don't know, maybe my interpretation of hands free is skewered from the rest of the world.

I've even seen people with those hands free head sets plugged into their ears but they still hold the phone to their mouths and talk into it. And some of them do this while they're driving ... I mean, wtf? I wouldn't be surprised at all if they decided to watch a video while they were driving too!

Take Three

I think I posted about bad grammar on T-shirts before. Well, while shopping today, I came across another T-shirt with some pretty shady grammar that begged to have its picture taken. Here, read for yourself.

My heart beats like a crazy ...???

My body shake like a crazy ...???

*Rolling on the floor in laughter holding on to aching sides!*

That would sure make one hell of a digital video :D


  1. Maybe it's from an epileptic heart-attacked prone lover? Haha! Imagine if it's from a polio lover, my body drop like crazy! OK, I'm off to hell now. BRB.

  2. LOL, Nick, you sure do beat all...

    For the t-shirt, maybe there are blanks behind for you to fill up? My heart beats like a crazy caterpillar?

  3. Pay toll to the guards! LOL
    Giving early angpow izit? :D

  4. People play counter strike man in car XD only happens in Russia XD kekekeke

    LOL Nick being generous, I oso want ang pow :)

  5. either yous are old or yous are tired or probably yous are bored *LOL* giving toll to guards are urmm... signs that show that you have finally overtire your good self :)

    abts them tees... My heart beats like a crazy... it is correct what... isn't it? beats likes a crazy ma.. urmmm.. didya buy it?

  6. Okay, well, now I know that I am getting old and losing MY mind because I have used a hands free device and then held the phone to talk! NOT while driving, but while in my house.

  7. Gallivanter - Hahaha ... You definitely have a place reserved in hell buddy. But don't worry, you'll probably see me there too ... LOL!

  8. Terra - LOL! I know, no one can beat me when it comes to being silly!

    No la, I checked the back, it was empty, maybe can fill in ourselves ... LOL!

  9. Lina - Not early ang pau, just being blur case ... LOL!

  10. Maslight - Counter strike in the car? Now that I have to see ... LOL!

    No la, where got money to give anypow? LOL!

  11. Anny - This time I think I'm losing my mind la ... LOL!

    Hahaha ... you must be kidding, no way would I have bought the tee la ... I'd rather walk around topless than wear something that crazy ...

  12. Meleah - Hahaha ... so you're one of those people, huh? LOL!

  13. but but but.. My heart beats like a crazy ma... that's a pretty worthy buy.. can wear to sleep ma.. it still's a good conversation piece :)

    topless ka? we all better close our eyes la...

  14. Ha, ha, that did make me laugh when I read you went to pay him! Believe me I've done things like this, well sort of. I've tried to enter my office with my travel card instead of my security pass and I've even tried to access the ticket barriers at the station with my credit card.

    As for the T-shirt, hmmm. Like a crazy person perhaps? Which is not so romantic. In fact it's darn right scary!

  15. Hahaha!!! These are the funny stuffs that makes the world go round.

  16. Wenny - Yes and I happen to be one of the main contributors ... LOL!

  17. Hahaha i was laughing out loud (silently) reading about how you tried to pay toll to the security guard hahah. I would so laugh out loud if I was there.

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the grammar la, its made in Italy LOL.

    Oh hi, long time no annoy!

  18. Bem - Darned it, ,you're still around? I thought they locked you up and threw away the key ... LOL! Just kidding, good to see you around :D

    Yes, yes, only a doofus like me would try to pay a security guard toll! LOL!

    Italian, huh? You know, you could be right ... hahaha!

  19. HAha still alive, sorry didn't have a notification for this.. anyway.. happy holidays!

  20. Bem - LOL! Selamat Hari Raya to you and Soulie buddy :D


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