Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Happy Church

Wifey and me had a 'serious' discussion today. It all started out with this article I read about Malaysia's first ever gay church run by a gay reverend. Yes, in case you didn't know, there is a bonafide fully gay church that has been in operation for close to three years (how they got away without the authorities harassing them is a wonder to me).

While I don't really care what people want to do with their lives and who they do it with, I happen to come from an old school background where men were to supposed to be with women and women were supposed to be with men. Wifey on the other hand comes from a more younger and open generation which got us into a debate about this gay church issue.

According to her I shouldn't be judging them too harshly (and she does raise some valid points) cos of the way people perceive gays and homosexuality. She says would the church accept them if they came out openly and said they were gays. With the way the church behaves these days, I suppose they wouldn't. She says that Jesus forgave a prostitute so he wouldn't judge someone just for being a homosexual. Besides according to her, sometimes people cannot control the way they feel for someone irrespective of whether they're from the same gender.

I guess she is right and I shouldn't be so judgmental, but I was brought up to believe that God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve! Besides how does this reverend preach the bible to his gay congregation? Does he omit the parts that involve men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers? Wouldn't that be a totally different interpretation of the bible completely?

I don't know, I honestly haven't read the bible from front to back except in parts when I was forced to read it during my catechism days but I don't think the bible or God advocates homosexuality. But then, like I said, it really doesn't matter to me what someones orientation is.

I'm just uncomfortable with the fact that there is a gay church and what they preach in their Sunday services. How are they going to ever interpret the fifth commandment, 'Honour thy father and mother'? Is it going to be 'Honour thy father and father (or mother and mother?)' ... LOL!

It really does make me feel uncomfortable. I guess I should be fair and not be so judgmental. I guess everyone has a reason for what they do and God is not judgmental so what gives me the right to be judgmental? But like I said, I come from the old school.

I would really like to attend mass one day at this church and see what exactly they preach but knowing my luck that would be the day the authorities decide to crack down on them and I'd end up being locked up along with all of them ... LOL!


  1. I'm guessing their opening hymn might go something like this..."a-wimboweh a-wimboweh a-wimboweh a-wimboweh!" Haha!

    I'm like you Nick, I try to be more acceptable to gays as I am with lesbians (hahaha!), but it's not easy!

  2. Oh wow... this in Malaysia? I'm impressed.

  3. I heard about this but I didn't know they've been in operation for close to 3 years already! Would love to check it out one day though :)

  4. Gallivanter - Hahahahahaha ... you're probably right!

    Yeah, I do try to keep an open mind but ...

  5. Sriyany - Yup, same here. I'm curious as to how they conduct their services ...

  6. hey i somehow have a vision of you being detained by cops and boarding their van with paperbag on head, and CAPTURED by the reporters and appeared on the papers. LOL

  7. Xin - You just can't wait to see my picture in the papers being hauled up with a paper bag over my head into a police van can't you? LOL!


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