Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Sick, Ah?

I wake up at 6am, five days a week. I work hard with my training and running without fail with wifey, my partner in crime every single one of those mornings. We're very diligent about our training. It's hard and tough work. We don't mind. we enjoy it.

Our training sessions have moved on from a measly one hour to almost two hours a day (which we still find to be not nearly enough time) and we never slack off on our training. And because of that we've both lost considerable weight and we're proud of the effort we put in.

But then I meet an old supplier (who is also a friend) today and he looks at me and the first thing he says is,

'What happened to you? You lost a hell of a lot of weight. What's wrong, you're sick, ah?'

That got my blood boiling and I felt like walloping him over the head! Does one have to be sick to lose weight? This is really not the first time it's happened. I've seen scenarios like this before. Whenever one meets with someone they haven't seen in a long time and that person has lost weight, the first thing they think is that person is sick!

Ok, I'm guilty of thinking that way too at times :D But I was still pissed with my supplier for assuming I lost weight cos I was sick. Good thing he was also a friend so it wasn't very difficult to hurl expletives his way for thinking I lost weight cos I was sick ... LOL!

But the fact that he noticed I lost weight does show that all that hard work both wifey and me have been putting in the past 4 months is actually paying off. We're pretty pleased with ourselves cos it wasn't easy when we first started.

It has been a life changing experience ever since we started off on our 'get in shape' programme. Our lifestyles have taken a complete turnaround from being couch potatoes to two people who just love running and working out. We talk about nothing but running and training, we surf nothing but health and fitness sites and when we shop, we can never resist a sports shop and will almost always come out with some new sporting attire or item.

It has been a good change of lifestyle. We both feel so much better and fitter than we ever were. We feel much better about ourselves and we don't ever want to go back to being the unhealthy people we were four months ago.

I'm actually very proud of wifey. For someone who didn't like running one bit, she's now practically doing 7km runs with ease and almost coming up to my speed level! If I don't watch out, one of these days, she's going to outrun me flat! We're both looking forward to a coming race this month and she's been practically training hard for it. I've no doubts that she'll complete it in a very respectable time :D

Just as long as no one comes up to us after the race and ask us if we're sick or anything!


  1. This goes to show that... your training works :) and you probably need some newer tighter clothes.. hehhehehehe.. and... kudos to your wifey.. i am sure she's gonna beat u in the race one day :)

    when u lose too much weight.. ppl will just assume you are sick.. *LOL* Just urmmm.. pinch your cheeks before you go out... so it will be pink and rosy.. no one ever tell someone with pink rosy cheeks that they are sick :)

  2. Anny - You just might be right there ... she's running faster and faster each day that I have to double up my training just to keep ahead ... hahaha!

    Urrrmmm some of us are not exactly the fairest people on this planet and I would have to slap my face silly just to get it to show some rosiness ... LOL!

  3. Wah! 2 hours' workout. That's dedication.

  4. I'm so proud of you and wifey. Obviously, you keep each other motivated and yes, she might just beat you in a race soon! :)

  5. i can posraju some pink blusher to you.. no need to slap your face silly.. lol

  6. Selamots Hari Rayoooooooo if you are celebrating :D urmmm... since no one on the KL roads now... u and wifey can go have slowdance on the roads dah.. hhehehe. Have a great holiday and a loooooooong weekend. If you are going anywhere.. drive safe and kasi UPS Pebbles to me :)

  7. Lina - Not dedication ... more like crazy ... LOL!

  8. Sriyany - Motivation is really the key. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably still be a couch potato ... LOL!

    Yes, she just might and I wouldn't be at all surprised, a little embarrassed maybe la ... LOL!

  9. Anny - You'd have to make that A LOT of pink blushers la ... LOL!

  10. Anny - Selamat Hari Raya to you too :D I celebrate all the festivals la ... hahaha!

    Slow dancing on the road sounds like a mighty fine idea. If you read the papers on Sunday about two people arrested for dancing on the streets, you know it'll be me and wifey ... LOL!

    Wah, UPS now, sudah naik standard ... hahaha!

  11. Hari Raya maa.. Posraju suda tutop... so kena upgrade sikit guno si UPS tuh.. UPSkan si Pebbles ya.. jangan lupooooooo :p just call 77841233.. bole guno my acct number.. urmm.. my acc number is PP-Dom123.. dun tell anyone my acct nombor ya!

  12. Anny - Oh like that kah? UPS it is then ... LOL! By the way, I like the account number, PP-Dom 123 ... hahaha!


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