Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take Away, Please!

You can always tell a moron from afar. Even wife is good at judging a moron easily, especially when that moron happens to be sitting next to her in the car.

A few days ago, after finishing up reading on how to be a Planter, wifey and me, well more like me anyway, decided to go for one of my now dreaded by wifey, retail therapy sessions ... LOL! She beginning to fear the words,

'Honey, I feel like buying (add in any item/product name/brand here) ...'

She knows my shopping sessions are not short ones and I'll drag here from one sports out to another or one computer park to another without stopping to catch a breath and by the time I'm done, both our feet will feel like we ran a 10K run ... LOL!

Now, during one of these sessions we were supposed to get the boys some dinner after we were done. The thing is, we totally forgot to get them something while we were at the mall and only remembered after we drove off.

Not wanting to have to go back and find parking and I also had to be home quick cos I had some Decorative Planters coming over pretty soon to explain to me on some things I needed for a work project that revolved around Window Box Planters, I decided to just get them something from McDonald's along the way home.

As luck would have it, there was this drive through McDonald's outlet just down my path. Ok, let me tell you something. I've never been to a drive through food outlet before and drove up to it cautiously looking out for what to do. It was easy enough with more than enough directions pointing me the right way.

I came up to the path of placing my order and ended up staring at this big huge menu board not knowing how to order. Then I hear this voice saying,

'Hello sir, can I help you with your order?'

A little startled by his voice (I didn't see the oh so small microphone and speaker at the bottom), I quickly place my orders and say to him, 

'Two Big Macs ... and that will be to take away, please ...'

There is a short hesitation on the other end for a while and he finally replies, 

'Urrrmmm, of course, sir.'

Then wife looks at me and says, 

'You do know this is a drive through, right honey?'

And that was when I felt like a complete moron! I could picture the cashier on the other end of the line shaking his head in amazement at the amount of moronic customers like me that he constantly gets throughout his work shift.

I'll bet the words that were going through his mind at that precise moment was,

'Excuse me Mr. Moron, this is a drive through and you can only order FOOD TO GO!'

After placing my order, I sheepishly drive to the order collection window, pay for my order and drive the heck out of there. Wifey was no help cos she was laughing her head off at my stupidity. What do you expect from someone who's never been to a drive through before!


  1. He'd have laughed, no doubt... but it's totally understandable, I think. I'm the kind of person who'd most likely do the same!!

  2. urmm.. if it makes you feel any better... i have urmmm... said so too myself.

    take awayyyyyyyyyy please :p

  3. hahaha.. well, look at it this way, you made his day by giving him a good laugh after that :-)

  4. OMG nick u are damn funny!!!!!! imagine if u were the one taking orders, i bet you would have laughed or cursed your head of too!

  5. LOL! These days, I only do drive thru with McDonalds. So convenient and fast.

  6. OMG! Hahahahaha! I think you just made the cashier's day. He must have been laughing his head off!

  7. Ahahahahah AAHHAHAHhahahahhHAHAHhaha! That is soooo funny!

  8. Terra - I'll bet he was ROTFL in laughter cos I know I would have if the roles had been reversed!

  9. Anny - It does make me feel better :D At least I know I got company in the doofus department ... hahaha!

  10. Maslight - Hahaha ... I'll bet the cashier was LOL too!

  11. Sting - Hahaha ... yes, at least I provided him with 30 seconds of entertainment.

  12. Xin - Damn funny? More like a full blown moron! LOL!

    Yes, there would be no doubts that I would have laughed myself silly if the roles were reversed! LOL!

  13. BT - Well, at least now I know how to behave in a drive-thru! LOL!

  14. Sriyany - I'll bet he was, I know I would have :D

  15. Meleah - Urmmm, not to mention downright embarrassing! LOL!

  16. Haha, well, that goes to show that you're not a drive through person or was probably thinking of the taste of them burgers.

  17. Hahaha!!! Laugh it off ... it's just a honest mistake.

  18. Gallivanter - It goes to show how blur I can be at times ... LOL!

  19. Wenny - I did laugh it off ... but I was embarrassed all the same :D


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