Saturday, October 9, 2010

Of Sniffles And The Nike City 10K Run ...


I hate having the flu, especially with my Nike City 10K run starting tomorrow morning. It's a race against time to get well! I just hope I'm well enough by tomorrow to be able to participate. Right now my nose feels like it's going to fall off from all that sneezing.

I just hope race day adrenalin will pull me through or else you'll see this half dead guy being carried off to the medical tent ... LOL! If I wake up tomorrow still feeling like crap, then I'll pull out of the race, put on some halloween costumes, accompany wifey and just support her for the run. 

I've been away from the blogsphere for quite a while now. I think my last post was on 29th September. Life has been pretty hectic for me since then, what with both my production workers quitting at almost the same time. The Bangladeshi guy quit on the 29th September (which is no big deal to me since he was absolutely incompetent), then the Myanmar girl decided to take two days leave, pack all her things and ran away to god knows where without telling us she wanted to quit.

Her leaving was a little hard for us to swallow cos my partner just gave her RM1,800 cash to go renew her work permit a few days before. Guess she took the money and ran cos the accommodations we provided her were cleaned out of her things. Siggghhh ... people these days.

With that happening we've been backed up with work with me taking up the role of doing production work all day while my partner takes up my client service work. And trust me, it's been a hell of a 10 days so far, working late into the night trying to get everything completed which is part of the reason I'm sick right now.

We've put out an advert for new people but so far none of them meets up to either mine or my partners expectations which still leaves us in a lurch at the moment. But the situation doesn't permit me to be really choosy so I've isolated one guy whom I will offer the job to on Monday evening. I still have one more insertion for the advert on Monday and will wait to see if anyone else better turns up before offering the job to this other guy.

Didn't really do much today except go and collect our race kit for next weeks Mizuno 10K Wave Run and then did some grocery shopping before heading home to grab some much needed rest. Our highlight for the day was catching this scene of a trailer on fire at one of the tolls. It was my first 'live' fire and I was excited at the prospect of seeing it and the firemen in action ... hehehe ... heck, I think the boys and wifey were equally excited with wifey being a little afraid the trailer would explode!

With that said and done, I'm going to log off and get some much needed rest to try and recover by tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend folks.


  1. So, how was your run?

    Sniffles all gone now?

  2. I hope you feel better ASAP!


  3. didya didya make it to the run?

  4. try the onion fella.. it helps with the flu... really.

  5. Lina - The run was grueling especially when you're sick and insist on running ... hehehe ...

    The sniffles are all fine now :D

  6. Anny - I barely made the run :D Was contemplating puling out until the very last minute but persisted in the end :D

  7. Anny - Thanks for the tip. I tried all kinds of stuff just to get the nose to stop dripping ...

  8. use a cork to stop the nose dripping :p

    on a serious note... rest. Flu can only be healed when the body is rested enough.

  9. Anny - Hahaha ... I'm sure that would work!

    I've been practically sleeping all day to the point my body feels like a herd of elephants ran over them!


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