Monday, September 13, 2010

Wait Your Turn

It's been a bloody busy Monday for me. I thought that since quite a few people are still on holiday, things would be a little easy and less stressful for me in the office. But the moment I turn on my cell this morning, there's already 4 text messages and 3 voice mails waiting to be attended to! And it wasn't even 9.15am yet.

Not that I really bothered about those messages too much. I'm taking a little different approach to life as of today. I'm going to take things easy and not rush to get things done. Wifey has been telling me that for ages, not to rush cos it'll only stress me out even more and she's absolutely right.

So today I did what I've never done before. I told a client that I can't come over immediately to see them (which normally I'd rush over) and that they'd have to wait their turn cos I have another client to see.

I don't think they were too pleased but to heck with it, I'm through rushing around like a maniac getting things done just so someone else can have things easy. When I finally arrived there at my own pace for the appointment, I find out they really didn't need to see me that urgently. At least I now have more time to go look for some discount cigars, not that I smoke mind you, but as a gift for a particular client.


  1. Wanna buy discount cigar, let us know. My hubby gets good discount from Trinidad. ;)

  2. well... some people do not know what the word "urgent" means... and every single thing gets tagged with the urgent label until one day... people don't think all their urgent stuffs are urgent anymore :)

    lemme see.. how many urgents do i have up there.. did that create some kind of urgency?

  3. I have found that when I slow down and stop rushing around like a maniac I can get more accomplished and with much less stress!

  4. Ah yes... I remember the misuse of the word urgent so very clearly.. It used to drive us at work bonkers!

  5. Lina - He does? Whoa ... cool, not that I smoke though ... LOL!

  6. Anny - LOL! I can't even begin to count the number of urgents you have up there!

    But yes, lots of people use the word urgent for even things that don't require a slight bit of urgency!

  7. Meleah - I have to agree. The moment I stopped being bothered about 'urgent' matters, my day ended up being pleasant :D

  8. Terra - It still drives me bonkers even till this very day!


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