Tuesday, September 14, 2010

G Is For Greedy Glut!

Do you have a certain kind of food or cravings (some people crave for things such as Mechanix gloves) that you just cannot do without? Sometimes when you go to a mall or a certain place and no matter what, whether you're full or otherwise, you must always stop and satisfy your cravings.

Well, I'm one of those people. If I visit and mall and they happen to display this particular sign, I just have to stop and indulge. Yes, I cannot resist this Gelato Fruity ice-cream shop. It's one of my favourite ice-cream shops and I won't leave a particular mall without buying a scoop!

I've no favourite flavour but the ones with chocolate and mint always wins out :D I've yet to try out all the flavours but I am going to :D


  1. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeelatooooooooo... i wantttttttt..

    urrmm.. this particular g sama with the G Hotel in Penang... same ole G.. and i was thinking you habe a craving for the g hotel :p

  2. So tempting! Do they have cookies and cream? :P

  3. Anny - Is there a 'G' hotel in Penang? Why would I be having cravings for a hotel of all things ... LOL!

  4. Lina - Aiyoo, mahal la this ice-cream, everytime I indulge, I go broke ... LOL!

  5. Mamapumpkin - Yes, they do and in all sorts of styles too :D

  6. Sriyany - I do believe they have cookies and cream :D


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