Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Word A Day ...

I've just activated my word verification for this blog. I apologize if you find it a little bit of a hassle but I have no choice cos some moron keeps on spamming all my blog posts with some stupid utter nonsense and I dislike seeing spam comments in any of my posts.

I don't really believe in word verification cos I like to make it easier for all my visitors to leave a comment on my posts but sometimes drastic measures have to be taken. I don't really understand why people like these do such stupid things just to get a link in their comments. It's not like as if I would actually click on their stupid link and I'm sure you guys would also not bother with the links they leave in their spam comments, right?

I wish there was some way I could find this person and wallop the daylights out of them or something. It's only 10.30am and I'm already pissed off big time. So, do bear with my word verification for a bit until I'm sure it's safe to take it off. I've just reported the site to Google, I hope they they do take some action and ban this moron for life!


  1. spammers are the worst! I had to add word verification several times to block these people! UGH

  2. Meleah - I really don't understand why they need to do such crap like spamming people's inboxes. I seriously wish I could whack the crap out of them!


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