Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Only In Malaysia

Only in Malaysia can you commit a crime and get away with it by paying in installments!

I was driving to work today and almost crashed into another car in front of me because of this news report I heard on the radio. Apparently the JPJ (Road Transport Department) has said that those with summons won't get their names black listed and can instead pay for the summons in installments!

I was shaking my head in utter bewilderment that I almost back ended the car in front of me. I really thought I heard it all what with the Police department deciding to give discounts to encourage people to pay up their summonses now this, pay for your summonses in installments.

Correct me if I'm wrong. People get summonses because they did something against the law, right? So I presume when you do something against the law, you have to pay for it, right? The reason to do this is so the culprits will either learn their lesson and not break the law again or they'll be too afraid to break the law and all of us will be much safer on the roads.

But if you're going to let them pay in installments, how in heavens name is that going to help reduce the amount of morons we have on the roads breaking every single driving law every which way they please? I wonder which idiot came up with this installment scheme for law breakers. He should be given a medal and put up high on a pedestal and given a horse tack for his brilliant idea!

I believe if you break the law and get caught for it, you should be punished to the max and not be given discounts or allowed to pay for it in installments. I'll bet all the law breakers or would be law breakers in this country are laughing gleefully at this.

Like I said, only in Malaysia ...


  1. Only in Malaysia it does not pay to be pay things promptly.Wait until last minute for more discounts for whatever you purposely forget to pay.

  2. Only happens in Malaysia. They did that whole discount thing for that hourly parking thing here in KK. But nobody bothered to pay also. I think they should be put in jail or get punishments after like 3 strikes or something? Everyone got it easy these days.

  3. Lina - Yes, only in this country will they give you leeway for committing and offense. Isn't Malaysia a great place to live :D

  4. Maslight - I have to agree, people get off so easily these days. Like I told Lina, isn't this a great country to be living in ... hahaha ...


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