Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Gritty Auntie

The running bug has really bitten wifey big time! This morning after coming home from Sunday school, she suddenly turns to me and says,

'Sayang, I want to go running this evening'

I look at her with disbelieve cos today is our rest day. We normally have a heavy training session on Saturdays and we make it a point to rest on Sundays. I thought she was just kidding, but she wasn't.

I wasn't too keen to go cos I just did a speed run of 10KM run yesterday and my body wasn't tuned to run on my rest day but she was really so eager to run. In fact, she did a 7km run yesterday and I thought she would also be tired but I guess she wasn't ... LOL!

So, with a small hint, no, make that a huge hint of laziness, I drag my lazy butt out of bed just after my usual Sunday noon nap and we head to the nearby municipal stadium. I could always just sit in the stands and read my herbal weight loss products brochure but I decided to put on my shoes and run along with her.

It turned out to be quite a nice run with both of us doing an 8KM run around the stadium's running track. I'm sure of one thing though, tomorrow I am NOT going for my usual training session even if she beats the heck out of me ... hahaha!

I'm really surprised with her determination to run. Ever since she got into running she's been hard at it and she's getting better and better each day. One of these days I'm really not going to be able to keep up with her ... LOL!

Anyways, that wasn't really what I wanted to blog about. After my run while waiting for wifey to finish her run, I happened to see this elderly woman running around the track. Nothing really unusual about it expect that she was running with a pair of sneakers in her sarong and blouse with this gritty look of determination on her face.

I was amazed and was full of respect for her. It got me thinking about how people tell me all the time they can't run cos their legs are too painful or they don't have the time or they're too old for running. Well, this lady put each and everyone of their excuses to shame!

It just goes to show that if you WANT to run (or even work out), you don't need a host of excuses cos it's all whether you WANT to or not. You don't need a fancy pair of shoes or even a fancy pair of running gear. All you need is just determination and you're all done.

The next time anyone tells me they don't have the time to run or they're too old to run, I'll show them this picture of this determined elderly lady. By the way, she did at least 6 rounds of running by my count. When we left for home, she was still hard at it. Good for you auntie!

Determination ...


  1. In our neighborhood, there's one 82-year-old man who runs around the lake every weekend and he even completed the 21km races in the KL Marathon & Penang Bridge Marathon. Even KK Pacers has a 58-year-old member who has completed the 42km marathon twice and getting better. Some of the much younger runners can't even beat his timing.

    There's at least one good example like this gritty auntie and the uncles in every neighborhood but sometimes, the excuses are just too thick for these lazy people to see thru them.

  2. Wow! Much respect to the auntie!

  3. ok..i m not going to put any excuse for my laziness to run :P

  4. Free for a bloggers gathering?

  5. Wenny - I've seen a lot of folks older than me running and sometimes they put me to shame even.

  6. Lina - If I had a hat I would have taken it off for her :D

  7. Xin - Hahaha ... you'd better not cos I'd just show you the picture of this Autie ... LOL!

  8. Gallivanter - I'll try to make it :D


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