Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mary Had A Little Lamb

I haven't blogged about Pebbles my dog for quite a bit. Nothing really new to mention. She's still the same cute little doggie with the diva attitude who thinks she's the queen of the house. Her fur was getting to be a little too bushy and she was feeling kinda uncomfortable, what with the recent heat wave we've been having.

So today, just before I went out looking for muscle building supplements, wifey and me took her to the groomers. Unfortunately we took her out too early and her regular groomer wasn't even opened yet. Not wanting to wait around for too long, we took her to another nearby groomer, one that I wasn't too fond off cos the last time I sent her there, they didn't do such a good job.

But since we were already out and didn't want to have to send her back home, I decided to just give this groomer a second try. Well, it turned out that they did a better job this time round but heck, they were pretty expensive. It cost us RM80.00 for her session. Good grief, my haircut costs me RM10.00 and this little diva dogs haircut cost a heck of a lot more! It's a good thing we only send her once every two to three months.

Well, she's had her haircut and it's really short, so much so that she looks more like a little lamb than a Shih Tzu ... LOL! I almost didn't recognize her at all when I went and picked her up. Without that scruffy fur of hers, she's now so light that she's running around and jumping about everywhere in the house. She always becomes a little bit naughtier after her grooming sessions. Must be her way of getting back at us for shaving of her scruffy but lovable little locks :D

Here's a picture of her taken last week and one just after her grooming session today. Doesn't she look like a little lamb?

After ... the little lamb :D

But she'll be back to looking like her scruffy self in no time cos her fur grows pretty fast :D


  1. She will thank you for it, especially with the weather in Malaysia! Anyway, I hope you can make it for the Bloggers SHAGS Gathering on 27th November 2010!

  2. Pebbles really look different and slimmer after her haircut! lol!

  3. she looks adorable still!

    i do the grooming of my four 'outdoor' dogs myself! and of course it doesnt come close to perfect grooming but i just cant afford their cost of grooming. 4 furry dogs you see. LOL!

  4. Gallivanter - I hope so ... LOL! A bloggers gathering? Cool, I'll try to make it ...

  5. Maslight - She does? She looks way mischievous now ... LOL!

  6. Soulie - She does and she's so much lighter too ... hehehe ...

  7. Carol - If I had four dogs, I'll do the grooming myself too, if not sure bankrupt la ... LOL! Good thing it's like only once in two months for Pebbles.

  8. OMG... why the cut so short... OMG
    but i guess in a way... she would be thanking you.. cos its really too warm these days..

  9. Anny - Hehehe ... she really was feeling darn iuncomfortable in her long anmd thick locks la ... poor thing. But not to worry, her fur will grow back really fast :D


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