Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rent A Friend

I'm still busier than a bee but I was just taking a breather while waiting for some prints to be ready. Just as I finished reading this article on some fat burner products, I happen to notice this news story from the Star online.

It was so bloody funny not to mention pathetic that I just couldn't help but post about it. They is a service online called 'Rent a Friend' and they charge from as low as RM29 an hour with fees surging up to RM149.50 per hour to rent a friend! Hahahahaha! Sorry but I seriously can't help laughing. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things to have cropped up in a long time.

Apparently the founder of this website says the website was set up solely to provide friends for rent and not a channel to provide sexual services (yeah, right) or online matchmaking. And better yet, since the setting up of this website, apparently 280,000 people have registered themselves to be rented as friends while 3,000 others on the list of willing to pay for an hour of friendship!

Why in the world would anyone want to rent a friend la? Don't tell me that person is so horrible that they don't have a single friend and need to rent one for an hour? Besides, how can they even be called a friend when you have to pay for their company. I'm sure a lot of people would probably abuse this service and use it for something more sleazy in nature, if you get my drift.

Besides, if you really have to rent a friend, I feel sorry for you! LOL!


  1. i read abt this too.. if you really haveta rent a friend.. seriously.. the person need to reevaluate their life.

    But rent an escort is a different story altogether ^.^"

  2. Sad indeed... maybe they mean 'rent a date' - hehehe, or 'rent an activity partner'... I'm glad that I have friends who have similar interests. Some people don't, and might have to resort to doing this.

  3. Sad lah if have to resort to this. Have to think within themselves why one have no friends and have to rent one, right?

  4. OMG! I feel badly for anyone so desperate they need to "rent a friend" - that's terrible [and yet hilarious at the same time!]

  5. Anny - Yes, I agree with you. You must be totally weird to even have to rent a friend, either that or your body odor must be like indah water containment pond! Hahahahahahaha!

  6. Terra - The thing is I can't picture anyone not having a single friend in this world. I mean, even the baddest person must have some friends, right?

  7. Lina - True, I agree with you entirely. They really got to look deep inside to find out why they even need to rent a friend.

  8. Meleah - Yes, I feel the same way too but just like you I thought it was hilarious to begin with :D


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