Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sad And The Funny

This is one of the first Saturdays in a long time since I don't have to go into the office. I've been working like a maniac for the past couple of weekends due to our staff shortage. We've finally solved the staffing problem with the hiring of a new DTP artist that will start work on Monday. It'll take a little while for him to get used to our work style but I'm sure that would eventually free both me and my partner up quite a bit (at least I hope so).

So far my Saturday has been a pretty decent one and the weather is nice and cool what with the rains falling just now. Perfect weather to go take a nap, which I will right after writing this post. I haven't had my afternoon naps in quite a long time.

With that said and done, the Saturday doesn't come without some not so good news. I just read of another bus crash with a few fatalities (again!). I just heard from wifey that the driver of the bus didn't even have a license! I seriously wonder what the authorities are doing cos I've been reading of one bus crash after another that involves lots of deaths and it doesn't seem to be stopping. All I've been hearing is,

'We'll take action against these errant drivers!' 

'We'll start this op and that op.'

Obviously it isn't working cos I read about bus accidents on a weekly basis ... sigggghhh ... The level of enforcement in this country leave a hell of a lot to be desired. One just has to take a drive through the commercial centre near my house and you can see tons of cars illegally parked, double parked, triple parked even and not a hint of the authorities can be found. This with the municipal council just across the commercial centre even. This is what happens when you have a country run people who only have their own interest at hearts.

But the Saturday cannot just have bad news cos I read this in Patrick Teoh's blog which had me laughing away at the mentality of some of the people in this country. 

'......commercials on sanitary pads are openly shown on TV and this could influence the young to get involved in social ills' - Johor Puteri Umno delegate Azura Mohd Afandi.

I'm flabbergasted! I seriously don't know what to say but laugh my head off ... hahaha! I wonder how she came to this conclusion. She must have done some deep and thorough research to come up with this incredibly stupid observation. Like I said, some of the people in this country are just a bunch of stupid morons. Well, it did provide me with a good laugh this Saturday morning though :D

With all that said and done, now I can start my search for some Casablanca fans to watch Casablanca with me, that is right after I get my afternoon nap. Here's wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Note: Just found out that the driver was actually blacklisted and had no license for the past 13 years! Incredible that he was hired to be a bus driver all these years. 


  1. I can say the antics of our esteemed MPs can also influence the minds of our young and cause social ill too.Don't you agree?

    How? You can get away with almost anything if you are a VVVVVVIP.

  2. Lina - Hahaha, yes, they should take stock of some of their antics first before coming up with such utter nonsense.

    Sad but true, if you're a VVVVVIP here, you can get away with murder even!

  3. Hey Nick, stop working like a maniac, take a chill pill and go for vakasi edi! ha ha! :D:D:D

  4. Malaysia Boleh! Anything goes ma!

  5. Oh My! How did that guy even get hired? The bus company really needs to run background checks on these drivers! That's sooo scary.

  6. Hi Nick, it's been a while. I envy your tagline in your header. I should snag it with a little revision like, I blog when I can, lol!

    Hubby and I were just talking about Kuala Lumpur at our dinner. He said it's one country he likes best. The morons running your country should be in the cuckoo's nest, hahaa! I think every country these days have these kind of people in the govs.

  7. Marzie - LOL! Planning too la ... see how during the school holidays :D

  8. Wenny - Hahaha ... Malaysia memang boleh!

  9. Meleah - My thoughts exactly. The latest I read was the company are shocked to find out that he didn't even have a valid license ... yeah right and Santa Clause is my uncle ... LOL!

  10. Marlene - LOL! Snag it, snag it :D

    Kuala Lumpur is a lovely country if we got rid of the morons running it :D

  11. god bless the poor souls of the bus. :(

    and malaysia really got alot of boleh people

  12. Xin - Yes, that Malaysia for you. The spirit of everything also can ... siggghhh!

  13. I'm horrified at the insane remark by Miss Puteri UMNO... seriously, Malaysians - go out an vote those morons out next GE!!

  14. Terra - I have to agree, we should really get serious and vote these morons out.


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