Friday, November 5, 2010

Ole Ole

Though you really can't tell what with the quiet atmosphere and all that, it is a public holiday here for the celebrations of Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. Usually, with a celebration like this, there would be loads of firecrackers but this time around, I hardly heard any except for a short while last night when my neighbours were lighting up some firecrackers. The place in general has been pretty quiet.

With all that said and done, I'd like to wish all Hindu's in Malaysia a Happy Deepavali. As for me, I'm enjoying my long weekend break. I've been up to my neck in work and the break, though not as long as I'd like it to be is very welcomed indeed. I've been doing nothing but lazing around and catching up on some lost sleep cos of work. We skipped our training today cos wifey has a back problem and needs some rest to recover from it.

We did go out for a bit though cos we needed to do some grocery shopping and wifey also wanted to try out this new (well it's been there for a while but we haven't been to it) place called Ole Ole Bali at Empire Shopping Gallery, one of our favourite malls. We practically tried all the eating places there and wifey was eyeing this place for quite a while. So today, we decided to give it a try and I must say I absolutely love the place.

The decor and ambiance was pretty neat. The food was served pretty fast and the price was reasonable not to mention the food being super tasty and came in huge portions that we had a tough finishing our meals.

Wifey ordered this dish called the Nasi Campur (mixed rice) that consisted of practically the entire animal kingdom (LOL!) cos it came with beef rendang, squid, prawns, some satay like thingy, fish and lots more (the picture below doesn't do the size of the dish justice though cos it was huge) that she had a tough time trying to finish the entire plate. I would normally help her but I was having trouble time trying to finish my Nasi Kambing Bumbu (urmmm literally called Bumbu Lamb Rice, no idea what bumbu means though) which was extremely tasty to the max!

Wifey's Nasi Campur ...
On top of that, I ordered an appetizer of fried squid and potatoes which also looked like they caught an entire colony of squids cos the dish was so huge that I was figuring out just how the heck we were going to finish it. We're really small eaters these days unlike a few months back where it would have been no big deal finishing any amount of food.

We both love the place so much that we're going back there again to try out a few more dishes. The price was pretty reasonable too. I'd recommend the place cos of the fast service, tasty food, huge portions and decent pricing. If I had three thumbs, I'd give this place a three thumbs up but until I grow a third thumb, they get both my two thumbs up :D


  1. Waw that looks a lot. I'd prolly need to share ;D

  2. Maslight - It is, trust me, the picture doesn't do justice to the size of the portions :D

  3. Yozz Nick!

    Looks like quite a feast really. What a way to celebrate Deepavali ;-)

    Thanks for popping by my site today. You looking forward to vacation huh. I read your Six Arms post and must agree you need to get away.

  4. I couldn't eat that in one sitting... I've eaten there once though... back in 08', I think at the Sunway pyramid outlet

  5. WaterLearner - It was a feast :D

    Yes, I really need a vacation soon or I'll drop dead from exhaustion.

  6. Terra - I've seen the one at Sunway but never bothered going in. The one at Empire was kinda tempting which was why we decided to try it out :D

    I didn't know they've been around since 2008 though.

  7. I always order more than I can eat these days. It looks and sounds great :)

  8. Loz - I used to order more than I could eat but that was in the old days when I ate like a pig ... LOL!

  9. no more ayam penyet? :P

    and i love the bali lime n pandan drink!!! been to the ole ole in solaris a few times

  10. How wonderful. Im happy you two enjoyed the evening!

    "The food was served pretty fast and the price was reasonable not to mention the food being super tasty "

    Doesn't get much better than that!

  11. Xin - Sometimes needs variety mah ... LOL!

    But seriously I love the food at Ole Ole.

  12. Meleah - Yes, it really doesn't get better than that :D


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