Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Days Gone By ...

Before there were places like Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Coffee Bean and the whatnots that you have these days, there was this lovely little cafe called Dave's Deli. In fact it is still around, though I don't know how many more. I only know of the one in Subang Parade.

Dave's Deli used to be one of my favourite eating places back then. It was the place famous and important people (hahaha) hung out back then. If you were in the dating scene, it would be the place you brought your partner just to impress her. It was that cool :D

I loved the chicken Schnitzel and their ox tail soup, which also happens to be wifey's favourite dish. We used to have our dates there donkeys years ago cos it was such a cozy and romantic little place :D And no, I wasn't trying to impress her ... LOL! Well, maybe a little :P

But we haven't visited the place in years and a few days ago we stopped to have a late lunch at the outlet located in Subang Parade. It brought back old memories and of course we included chicken Schnitzel and ox tail soup in our orders along with another quarter chicken dish for wifey.

The place hasn't changed much, the setting remains the same but the quality of the food has changed quite a bit mind you. It took quite a while for our ox tail to arrive and when it finally came, it was not the yummy tasting oxtail from long ago. This one was bland, horribly bland (I hope it was a one off thing) and the chicken Schnitzel portion was so thin, it would have made a 90gsm paper look fat in comparison.

And the taste wasn't the same as I remember it too. Once again, it was kinda tasteless. If it wasn't for the over abundant slush of gravy on it, it would have been completely tasteless. We both left with a completely bitter taste in our mouth and was a little sad that a place that held memories for both of us has deteriorate, taste wise. That was probably the last time we would patronize that place.

I think I'll just stick to the places I know that serves tasty yummy food like Ole Ole Bali, which reminds me that we haven't been to in a while. Honey, if you're reading this, we must go for a date there this week right after I finish this best wrinkle cream project that I've been working on for ages :D


  1. Oh, I've been to Dave's Deli during my college years. Damn, they couldn't maintain it? ;_;

  2. that's a shame Dave's Deli went down hill like that.

  3. Haven't seen Dave's Deli in ages. Used to be one in OneU & Mid Valley. :)

  4. Maslight - It's a pity really that things in this country don't stay the same after a while ... I used to love that place.

  5. Meleah - It is, it is. It's nice little cozy cafe and used to be popular at one time.

  6. Lina - I only know of the one in Subang Parade, the rest I really don't know where they're located anymore.

  7. I used to go to that place during my college days! And yes, the taste is not really the same anymore :(

  8. Sriyany - It was the in-thing back then :D The days before Starbucks and all that. Just wished they maintained their standards though.


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