Monday, January 17, 2011

Gossips And Giggles ...

I owe wifey a hi-tea date at Empire hotel and I'm not at all excited. A few days ago, after we decided to buy apidexin online, we went to Empire shopping gallery and noticed that the hotel they offer buffet lunches, hi-teas and dinners. While we both enjoy the occasional buffet dinners at hotels we don't indulge in them too much as they're pretty expensive and we also can't eat as much these days.

But the Empire hotel buffet caught our attention cos first of all, it was pretty cheap somewhere in the range of less that RM40 (I can't remember already) and secondly it was pretty near to our home and located in one of our favorite places.

But wifey wanted to go for the hi-tea buffet and I wanted the dinner buffet. I don't fancy myself sitting there and digging into pastries, cakes and whatnots. Call me a chauvinist or a neanderthal or whatever but I think hi-teas are more for women sitting around giggling and gossiping about some other woman ... LOL! I wanted the dinner buffet.

So we decided to sort this out the most grown-up, intelligent, advanced and technological way, something that would leave no doubt as to who would win. And that method was the 'One-Two-Zoom' (paper, scissor, stone to some of you) way ... LOL! What more advanced and grown up way was there to decide the matter, right?

And she won! Darn it! But, me being a gentleman and a good sport (not that I have a choice now mind you, she won fair and square), I'm going to follow her and sit there, bite into pastries and cakes drinking tea with my little pinky sticking out giggling and gossiping about some woman or other ... hahaha! I wonder if I should use my fluorescent pink skirt or the green floral one ... hahahahahahahahaha!


  1. urmmm... if you don't wanna go... i can go with your wifey.. and gossip, giggle and bitch about other women (and u) and urmms... as long as you are paying.. i don't mind going with your wifey :) we would have loads of fun too... ;) it sure would save you a lot of "pain" from wearing pink fluorescent shirt you know...

  2. Hahahaah! Is that all the menu for hi-tea there? I mean, here in KK, hi-tea menu is quite extensive...not just pastries and cakes and teas. more like lunch i must about RM40-RM50 price range too...

  3. Oh Nick! hi-tea complete with pastries and cakes IS awesome!

  4. Anny - I'm sure the two of you would gossip and complain all about me ... hahaha!

    You can ask her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind going with you since I'm not a fan of hi-teas :D

  5. Carol - I actually don't know what they really serve at this hi-tea, maybe got more but I'm sure about the cakes and pastries though ... LOL!

  6. Meleah - I'm sure it is but I still hate hi-teas ... LOL!

  7. Hahahaha think it's a more interesting way to decide than flipping a coin!

  8. Sriyany - It is, it is ... it's like the way big time corporate figures do it ... LOL!

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