Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye, Hello ...

I wasn't planning to write anything but I couldn't let myself not post anything on the first day of a new year :D Before I even begin, I'd like to wish all readers of Anything Goes!, what little there are anyway, a very happy new year.

It's just ten hours and fifteen minutes into the new year and so far life has been pretty good. I really can't believe the previous year went by just like that. A lot has happened in my life and most of them has been for the good.

The new year is the time for making new resolutions and all that but I've never been one to make any resolutions, not that I haven't tried. I just simply won't be able to keep them even if I did make one. These days, my mantra in life is just live life for the moment and keep tomorrows worries for tomorrow. And with a mantra like that who needs resolutions :P

I ended the year by being totally amazed to find out that the church I've been going to has an upstairs seating area that resembles a cinema ... LOL! Wifey, the boys and me went for the new years eve midnight mass last night and the church happened to be filled with people by time we got there.

Now while we knew there was an upstairs seating area, we just didn't know how big it was. Shows you how much I pay attention in church ... LOL! I really gotta look around the church a little more, who knows I just might find a locker hidden in some nook for the Sunday school children or even a gym locker for some secret church training or something.

The year started off with me biting into a nice chunk of curry puff, just as the clock struck midnight, that was given to everyone who attended mass last night and I must say that it tasted pretty good. I thought it was a nice gesture to be handing out a little snack after mass. They did the same thing after the Christmas eve mass though it was chicken pie at that time and it tasted pretty good too. Makes me wanna go for mass every week ... LOL!

With that said and done, hope the new year has been treating all you kindly and may it be a fruitful, healthy and blessed year for everyone :D

Happy New Year!

Urrmmm, if anyone knows of any lockers for sale, please do let me know but don't even ask me why I'm looking for lockers!


  1. Just chunk of curry puffs? No huge chunks of $$$$ starting the new year? hehehe

  2. Most people would be screaming the countdown to New Year and you had a chunk of curry puff at the stroke of 12 ... interesting, interesting. I guess your stomach's the one screaming "Happy New Year!"

  3. Happy New Year Nick!!!!

    Urmmm...I haven't post out ur dark chocs cos im still figuring how to send them without worrying them chocs get melted along the way. Ha!

  4. Happy New Year, Nick, Wifey, Kids & Pebbles!!

    "Shows you how much I pay attention in church"

  5. Lina - I'm hoping it'll be bundles of money coming in this year ... LOL!

  6. Homely Guy - Happy New Year to you too :D

  7. Wenny - You know, I've never ever been one of those people screaming along with the countdown. I've always celebrated the new year in my own way :D

  8. Carol - Happy new year to you too :D

    LOL! No worries on the dark chocs la, I was only kidding about it :D

  9. Meleah - Happy new year Meleah :D

    I 'really' pay attention in church ... LOL!

  10. Sriyany - Happy new year to you too :D

  11. Happy 2011 Nick! Say whaaaaaaat??? 6 blogs edi??? what are the other 2???? Hahahhaha madness right?? I'm sticking to 4.. enuff!!! :):):)

  12. Marzie - Happy new year to you too :D Yes la, I'm insane enough to have 6 blogs ... LOL! Now you got more blogs that you can tag me with ... hahaha!


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