Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Been A Hard Day's Night ...

The year 2011 looks like the year where I don't get to spend much time to blog. Ever since the year started, I've been up to my neck with work. I'm really drained out already and it's still early January. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but work seems to be coming in by the buckets and it doesn't seem like stopping.

I suppose having work to do is always better than no work at all. Besides, I do need the money to support both wifey's and my fetish for buying loads of running gear and outfits ... LOL! But seriously though, I've been working from morning till late nights on a daily basis and will even have to work till the wee hours of the morning tomorrow to supervise some ambient media works for a telco in KL.

And I don't think it's going to end there cos I have a few more projects lined up that I haven't even looked into yet. Even one of my best buddy's has some work he needs done and I haven't even gone and seen him yet. Bad Nick!

The Chinese New Year is also just around the corner and that looks like a good time to take a short holiday with wifey and the boys. We were supposed to go somewhere for the Christmas holidays but that didn't turn out well cos my break was disturbed with me having to head back to the office to help out with some work.

The thing is, wifey and me really don't like traveling during the festivities cos the roads will be packed with cars and not forgetting some moronic drivers, especially those behind the wheels of buses which these days I stay as far away from as possible. I suppose staying home during the CNY holidays would be the best thing to do seeing as how the town just might be empty.

I say might be empty cos unlike those days when the place would be a literal ghost town during the CNY holidays, more and more people seem to be coming into town than heading out! Darn you people, why can't you all just go crowd some small town and let the city become a ghost town for a few days ... LOL!

I remember back when I was a wee bit younger, during the CNY festivals, the entire place would be deserted and quiet and trying to find an open restaurant was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was so empty that my best buddy and me on one occasion even managed to lie flat on the Federal highway in the middle of the afternoon without being run over. If we did that now, somebody would probably have to scrape us off the road ... LOL!

At least one thing still remains constant even though I have tons of work. I still manage to squeeze in my running sessions with wifey and we're both enjoying it more and more these days. Wifey is also pretty enthusiastic and more determined than ever with her running coupled with the fact that she's running faster and faster these days :D To think only 9 months ago, she never wanted to have anything to do with running ... LOL! One of my aims this year is to take part in a full 42KM marathon and I've been training hard to achieve it.

The boys are also back to the daily grind of going to school again with the new school year starting last week. This time wifey and me played it safe and didn't rush around like a headless chicken to get the boys stuff. We just took our time and even bought their books only on the second day of school unlike last year when we lined up for hours a week or so earlier for their stuff.

At least with them going back to school wifey has some peace and quiet at home for a couple of hours. Even Pebbles seems to be basking in the silence when the boys are at school. She's terrified of my younger boy cos he's perpetually bullying her ... hehehe ... He's a little brat and hopefully he doesn't come and ask me for any homework help with his school work. I can't understand a thing in their school books these days. I dread the time when he starts going to secondary school cos he'd probably ask me for some chemistry help or even physics help and I'd probably just faint ... LOL!

Ok, I'm going to head to bed cos my eyes are heavy and I'm thoroughly exhausted from my run session this morning coupled with having to go in to work and help out with some labourious installations for one of my partner's client. You all have a great weekend :D


  1. Well, it's good that work are piling up, right Nick? :)

    Have a great weekend too! Running on Sunday?

  2. Happy 2011! I mentioned you in my Arsenal post , enjoy the pics too!

    Nite nite! :)

  3. Lina - I suppose it is good but it sure is tiring trying to keep up with all that work though.

    Yes, I run on Sundays too :D

  4. Marzie - You did? Cool, I'll come over and check it out :D

  5. Wow, nice to see your blog is still here, along with Spiff.

  6. It's definitely better to be too busy at work, then to have no work at all!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend - get some REST!

  7. It's a good start to a new year - with work pilling in! and who knows maybe you'll make enough to retire early :) This year could be it!

  8. Hubby also complaining of work overload. hahahah! Hopefully with more works, more money and luck coming our way, Nick. All the best!

  9. Suddenly it strike me that you are singing in them titles again :) take it easy dudeeeeeeeeeeee.. money will never be enough..but health and family is most important. And Pebbles too.. Most important :)

    got signboard oredi ka? make sure its up by CNY.. i round satu kali lagi :)

  10. Ann Marie - Now why would my blog be still here :D A blogging addict can't do with his blog ... LOL!

  11. Meleah - I guess you're right :D But sometimes too much work can be a killer!

  12. Sriyany - Oh how I wish I could retire early :D That would be awesome, I could spend all day running ... hahaha!

  13. Rose - Yes, lots more money is always welcomed :D

  14. Anny - Hahaha ... you noticed, eh?

    Yes, that what wifey keeps telling me and I totally agree but sometimes outside factors and incompetent people make life difficult for me.

    What? you didn't see the signboard? Aiyaaa ... you have to look closely one ... LOL!


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