Friday, January 14, 2011

Thump! Whack! #@%!

After visiting a client in the city today, I went to the car park to get my car and head back to the office. Before exiting you have to pay for your parking with the chip coin that's issued to you when you come in.

So I walk to the payment machine where you need to insert this chip coin and then make payment. I actually prefer the manual payment stations but most buildings these days are more automated. Sometimes these machine don't work and you have to drive all around looking for another one just to make payment.

Now, there was this lady already there ahead of me trying to make payment. She kept stuffing in coins and it kept spitting them out. I look over her shoulder and notice this huge sign printed out in quite big bold letters stuck to the machine that said:

'Only Excepts Notes'

Ok, I thought maybe she didn't see the sign. I can't imagine how she couldn't see cos it was huge enough for a blind man to see. She collects the rejected coins and stuffs them in again and starts mumbling to herself. The coins are rejected once again. She starts mumbling even louder as she inserts more coins in.

I decide to intervene and said to her, 

'Excuse me Miss, this machine only accepts dollars notes, it states clearly on that sign'

She looks at me (with anger etched on her face) and looks at the sign and looks at me again and then she does something so unladylike that shocked even me. She turns around kicks, then slams the machine with her hand, starts shouting some Chinese vulgarities at it and then spits on the machine and walks away!

I stand there in shocked disbelief at her antics. By the time she was gone, I couldn't stand it anymore and burst out laughing like a mad man in some basement car park. I've done and seen all kinds of weird things but I've never seen anyone kick and wallop a payment machine, then hurl vulgarities at it and even spit on it.

Suffice to say I had to go around looking for another payment machine cos no way was I going to use that machine with her saliva all over it! I don't know if she was blind or couldn't understand English cos there was no way she could have not seen that huge sign on the machine, maybe she didn't have any fancy pendant lighting with her to help her see better, after all the car park was kind of dimly lit. Whatever her reasons were, it sure made my Friday ... hahaha!

Additional note: Should have been 'Only accepts notes' - my mistake :P


  1. Illiterate, maybe. Cannot be blind, otherwise how to drive? Drive also maybe got kopi-o lesen. LOL

    That sign 'Only Excepts Notes' was written in some foreign language izit? XD

  2. kick and spit and vulgarities too? hahhahahaha tat would have cracked me up too. But... good thing she didn't turn on you and did the kick spit and vulgarities dumping polaks. You never know.

  3. Lina - LOL! Kopi-O lesen, she probably does have a kopi-O lesen.

    Typo error is my mistake, should have been accepts instead of excepts ... looks like I need a lesson in spelling here ... LOL!

  4. Anny - I don't know what I would have done if she turned and attacked me ... probably run like hell ... LOL!

    Some people are just crazy la ...

  5. LOL! She must have been so malu that she had to threw it on the machine. LOL!

  6. Carol - You know, I think you're right :D

  7. LOL! My God! That poor woman! She probably doesn't agree with modern technology. I can imagine the machine going "Please insert the correct amount" over and over again - If this is in One U that it

  8. Sriyany - Poor woman? She was more like an insane woman la ... hahaha ... good thing she didn't take it out on me :D


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