Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip ...

Damn! The pipes at home are leaking again. I've already lost count as to how many times I had to get the owner to fix the pipes since I moved into this place. The first month I moved in, I think I had to call the owner twice to fix the pipes. I thought that would be the end of it but no, the pipes sprung leaks every now and then on a regular basis.

You see, this old place where I live has had the original underground metal (it's metal isn't it?) pipes replaced with one of those polycarbonate ones. When they fixed this polycarbonate thingy, they just laid it out in the open and ran it unsightly across the face of the front walls, not that I care since I'm only renting the place and as long as I have water supply for my daily needs they can run it wherever they want.

But the thing with having anything outdoors in this country with almost perpetual sunshine is that they tend to get ruined with the sunshine after a while, especially polycarbonate pipes that contain rubberized washers in them. They turn brittle and hence the leaks. They can get irritating when they happen on a regular basis.

And getting my owner to send someone to look into it takes quite a while and a lot of water would be wasted in that time. Right now I've got two leaks to worry about, one in the front and one more serious one in the back of the house coming from the ceiling. I wonder how long before I can get the owner to send someone over.

I suppose I could get my own plumbers but he insists on sending his own people so I can't do anything but wait. In the meantime, I suppose placing a bucket under the leaks will be a great help. At least that way I can sit peacefully and look around for blackberry covers online, not that I own a blackberry mind you :P

I know, I know, I also said in my last post I would get around to replying all your comments and I still haven't but I'll get around to it soon, really I will or at least I think I will ... LOL! But that doesn't mean you all have to stop commenting here ... hahaha ... I have no shame whatsoever!


  1. Urmm... you could fix it first.. then deduct from your rentals :) or.. tell him to pay your water bills.. *LOL*

    You are not replying to our comments ka? why oh why?

  2. Anny - I tried telling him that but he insist on sending his own people, maybe he thinks I'll cheat him ... LOL!

    But I reply oredi, what ... hehehe ...

  3. Geez, can't you have the leaks fixed and then deduct the bill from your rent?

  4. Oh, ooops! You already answered that question in the comments! My bad!

    You need to tell him to send someone ASAP.

  5. Meleah - I could but he insists on sending his own people.

  6. Meleah - Yeah, the place is starting to look like a waterfall catchment area already ...


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