Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Forced Rest

I've been forced to take at least a week's break from my running. My shin splints have taken a turn for the worse and trying to run through the pain is like trying to walk on glass or worse. For the sake of my future running, I've decided that the best option (and also with threats from wifey about breaking both my legs if I don't take a break) is to take a whole week (arggghh, such blasphemy) off from running!

It's going to be a tough one week of watching  people run and not being able to run myself but I'd rather take a short voluntary break than have an injury that would ruin my running for life. Besides, the week will pass by in a flash. I just hope one week is enough to heal the pain I feel. Being too enthusiastic about running does have its cons too.

Lets hope the ice treatment along with the compression bandages help with the recovery process and until then I'll be looking longingly at all you people running and waiting for the day when I can hit the roads again. But to drown my disappointment of not being able to run, I think I'll grab wifey today and go hit some sports shops to see what I can buy. That'll probably cheer me up ... LOL!


  1. You know, I have not start anything on running despite telling myself to wanting to get fit through running this year. So much talk, no action. :(

  2. Yes, much rest! I took 3 days rest days already, am gonna run tomorrow to test my legs. If I cover the miles tomorrow I can run on Sunday yay~

  3. Carol - Well, it's still not too late :D Go dig out those running shoes and hit the roads tomorrow :D

  4. Maslight - I wish I could take only 3 days to rest but my injury is pretty bad and I want to recover completely which is why the long one week rest.

    All the best in your run :D


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