Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bigger, The Better!

We live in a technological age where we see new developments everyday. I'm a gadget freak myself and anything new in the market, especially anything electronic catches my eye.

New stuff come out everyday and sometimes it's impossible to keep up. Imagine setting your eye on a particular phone or tablet and the moment you buy one, a new one is already in the works.

And because of this, everyone wants to be seen as having the latest in technology out there, myself included. In fact, I bought myself a new cell phone, the HTC Desire HD and ditched my still new original Desire set simply because I wanted something more advanced.

But the thing is, some people have taken this to a different level and just loves showing off their new gadgets to the world not realizing that they look like an idiot while doing it. While I simply love my Desire HD (for now anyway ... LOL!), I'm not inclined to whip it out and show it off to the public, well sometimes I do anyway, especially to an iPhone 4 user ... hahaha!

But then I don't look like an idiot while trying to show off my cell phone, like this guy wifey and me saw in the Empire Shopping Gallery a few days back. There we were ambling along window shopping and me snacking away on my favourite Gelato ice-cream, was this guy holding his huge tablet and reading away on it walking all around the complex.

Now, don't get me wrong but the tablet is not exactly small, at least the one he had wasn't small and I don't think it was meant to be used while walking around everywhere yet he was proudly walking around holding it up high (and I mean high, like as if no one would see it) with both arms and giving everyone a smug look that he had the latest in gadgets out there. Everyone was giving him this weird look and I simply had to laugh at his silliness. Even wifey commented that he might as well carry around his LCD TV if he wanted to show off.

In fact, once I even saw someone using the tablet and speaking on it like a cell phone (really, I did). I was flabbergasted. Soon people will be walking around carrying their plasma TV's attached with the latest home cellular booster and talking on it ... hahaha! Obviously, the age of miniaturization is long gone and people want their gadgets bigger, all the better to show off:D


  1. ou should take out your LCD TV and show off, Nick! LOL

  2. I agree with Lina :P

    But seriously, using a tablet while walking around a mall is just plain ridiculous!

  3. Ha ha... would have made much more sense if he had sat on one of the benches in the mall. I unfortunately think I've fallen in love with the iPhone (unfortunate because I'll never be buying it, I think)

  4. Lina - I'm seriously tempted to ... LOL!

  5. Sriyany - It was only just plain ridiculous, it was darned right silly!

  6. Terra - Yeah, that wouldn't have been so bad.

    No, no, no, get a HTC with its Android powered system ... LOL!

  7. Oh gah! I hate people who show off like that! So annoying.

  8. Meleah - Yeah, me too. If you're going to be showing off, at least don't look like such a moron doing it :D


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