Monday, March 28, 2011

Where For Art Thou?

The darned weather these days are at the two opposite extremes. It's either darned cold or darned hot. I can't remember this planet being like this before. Back then, the weather was just nice. I guess all the junk we release in the air contributes to the extremes of weather that we experience. I'm actually waiting for it to snow one of these days :D

Today has been a terribly hot day. This is the kind of day that makes trying to run really difficult. You get drained out much faster than normal. And if you're not careful, dehydration sets in pretty fast.

Speaking of running and dehydration, does anyone know where I can buy Gatorade in bulk? I've been searching for a place to buy it in bulk but can't seem to find anywhere selling it. My running has taken a more serious note these days and I've gone from running to lose weight and being healthy to competitive running, well at least I'm working towards that goal anyway and I tend to drink loads and I really mean loads and loads of Gatorade.

In fact I drink more Gatorade these days than I drink water and buying them individually is putting a huge strain on my finances. You know how much the darned things cost for a 500ml bottle? RM2.40-RM2.60 a bottle if you buy it from a petrol station or 7-11 and the cheapest I've found is RM2.10 at Jaya Grocers in Empire Shopping Gallery.

While RM2.40 in average may not be much but the quantity I drink (not to mention wifey drinks it too after her runs) it can cost quite a bit. Every time we buy some (which is like 4-6 bottles), it doesn't last even a day sometimes. Like I said, I drink the stuff more than I drink water. We've been looking out for places where we can buy a whole carton of the stuff, which I believe will be much cheaper than buying them individually but simply cannot find a place selling them wholesale.

I've even gone online to search but no luck. I suppose I could just inquire from Permanis Malaysia cos they distribute Gatorade locally but I'd rather just buy it off somewhere nearby. So if any of you know where to buy Gatorade in bulk, please do tell me before I go broke from buying them off the petrol stations! Or maybe I could attend the Diamonds International Jewelry in Cabo show and get into the diamond trade and make some money and then buy the whole darned Gatorade factory ... LOL!


  1. I love Gatorade! I drink it all the time. I'm not sure where you can buy it in bulk though. We get ours from the grocery store by the case.

  2. running to lose weight and being healthy to competitive running <--- this is wut's happening to me now. I think I've made quite a number of running friends lately.

  3. Meleah - Cool, another Gatorade drinker :D The thing is, it costs quite a bit buying it from the grocery stores here.

  4. Maslight - Yes, running is a great way to make new friends :D

  5. Lina - Surprisingly they don't la. That was the first place me and wifey went to look for it.


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